The world has transitioned into the mobile-era and mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular these days. People all over the world use smartphones for performing a variety of tasks like banking, social media, entertainment, playing games, etc. Looking from the users’ perspective, both the platforms – iOS and Android are almost the same. Both of them have widgets and are quite secure and table. From the developer perspective, there is a substantial change among these two.

What’s the confusion?
While developing mobile apps, the general question that comes to the minds of the business owners is: Which is the right platform? If you are looking for developing a productivity app and confused with choosing among Android or iOS, you should decide what features and functions you would require. Both these platforms are leading the market with hundreds of apps developed on a daily basis. No matter what mobile platform you choose, user experience plays a major role.

Apple iOS:
Apple iOS is the game changer of the mobile phone industry. Known for style, swiftness and perfection, Apple is the trusted choice of millions of users worldwide. The Apple Store has about 1 M apps available for buying or downloading for free. Most of the business owners create great apps for iPhone and iPad.

How are both the platforms different?
The major difference between the two platforms is their programming language as iOS uses Java while Android uses Objective C. There’s a tie all over the internet discussing which language is superior. The truth is that both of them come from a decent framework. Hence, it is difficult to say which one is better than the other. Moreover, there are different types of development tools and 3rd party libraries for speeding up the development process.

If you’ve thought of developing an iOS app, you need to remember that Apple has strict and rigorous review process. Once your app is completed, it has to pass through the quality checks. What makes Android a preferred choice is that it is available for a variety of phones and tablets having different screen sizes while iOS is available only for two devices with different screen sizes. On the other hand, Android devices are considered to be cost effective as compared to Apple devices.

So, what’s the conclusion?
There’s a tough competition between Android and iOS and the two are trying to grab the space and take over the other. On the whole, none of them can be stated as the front-runner as each of them stands as a king of their own kingdom. If you want to reach the biggest audience and monetize your app, the best option is developing a cross-platform app. Talk to the expert developers and make the right decision after considering all the factors.

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