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Magento 2 Migration Case Study

The shift in the eCommerce industry is mainly triggered by the changing patterns of consumer behaviour. This change in behaviour calls for the need to revolutionize business models – that deliver faster and better – so as to create dynamic experiences for the new digital consumer. Learn more about our Magento 2 migration case study to know how we transformed operations and overall customer experience.

Over the past decade, e-commerce has evolved from a mere transaction channel between buyer and merchant to an end-to-end solution connecting different stakeholders. This collaboration aims to help companies increase sales by offering online product recommendations and customers seeking personalized and highly contextual online experience that many retail sites offer. 

Our client, one of the leading consumer technology companies, envisioned a shift to the latest digital business models. The company was looking for Magento 1 EE to Magento 2 EE (Adobe Commerce Cloud) migration and shift to Magento Cloud server.


Our client is a leading and award-winning consumer tech accessories brand in the US. Considered an innovator in consumer technology/electronics and car/truck/motorcycle audio installation products and accessories, our client is committed to delivering superior quality, innovation, and excellent value combined with unmatched customer service.

Case Study of Consumer Technology Website

Project Overview

Our client’s products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide by a wide array of the most recognized names in retail. In a quest to take the eCommerce site performance to the next level, clients wanted to upgrade the platform from Magento 1 EE to Magento 2 EE (Adobe Commerce Cloud) and to shift the cloud infrastructure from AWS to Magento Cloud server.

Magento 2 Migration Casestudy

Business Problems

  • Migrate eCommerce platform from Magento 1 EE to Magento 2 EE
  • Migrate cloud infrastructure from AWS to Magento Cloud server
  • Running Platform with high volumes of orders and voluminous data for migration
    • 4.200+ Daily Orders
    • Millions of data to be Migrated

KEY Challenges

  • High Expectations
  • External Dependencies
  • Huge Data
  • Magento Cloud Experience
  • Running Platform
  • Many Extensions
  • Security Expectations
  • Performance Expectations

Hidden Brains Approach

Building a digitally robust brand

Hidden Brains team streamlined workflows with platform migration to Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (Adobe Commerce Cloud) and migrated cloud infrastructure from AWS to Magento Cloud server. Our team helped to efficiently move voluminous data and information for millions of transactions products, customers, and order data, store configurations, promotions, and more to Magento 2.

In order to leverage the power of Adobe Commerce (previously Magento) & its new approaches and technologies, we conducted detailed technical analysis on themes, customization, and extension to fit old data structures with millions of data into a new ones. Our goal was to provide our client with a seamless ability to create innovative shopping experiences and scale to new levels. We understood the level of customization to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

  • Target Features: Extensive analysis of M2 Features to streamline the current business process
  • Extensions Dependability: Aimed to reduce the number of extensions which numbered to 100+ extensions
  • Database Migration: Detailed technical analysis to fit existing structure with millions of data into a new one
  • Integrated Platform: Worked closely with third-parties with a solution approach
  • Magento Cloud Setup: Working as a team with Magento Cloud experts for a scalable infrastructure


  • B2C (Business to consumer)
  • B2B (Business to business)
  • Consumer Special Platform


  • Manage Catalog & Products
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Intelligent Dashboards
  • Integrated ERP
  • ADA Compliant
  • Advanced Search
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Targeted Promotions

Magento 2 Development Case Study: Result

KEY Results

  • 0% : Slippage in expected timeline
  • 50% : Reduction in third-party extensions dependency
  • 100% : Accurate data migrations
  • 20%: Improvement in performance
  • 15%: Increase in traffic
  • 30%: Optimization of the codebase


The client witnessed remarkable improvements in the overall performance & increase in traffic, codebase optimization, and less dependency on third-party extensions.

Hidden Brains has been offering Magento eCommerce development services for more than a decade. The changing ecosystem transcending the geographical borders calls requires providing customers with the right engagements, the right technologies, and the right experiences they are looking for. Hidden Brains has demonstrated digital capabilities in a range of industries.

We help eCommerce stores to continue operating flawlessly, stay both competitive and compliant with the latest security and regulations, as well as introduce new features while ensuring new capabilities seamlessly interact with the rest of the e-commerce ecosystem.

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