Hire Dedicated Developers for your Project

Skills paradox continues to threaten small businesses as well as large enterprises. But as technologies continue to disrupt the business world, reskilling and training of people is gaining importance. It is not the correct assumption that Intelligent technologies will eliminate jobs.

There is a great need to enhance skills as technology innovation requires greater worker capabilities. As a result, the need to hire expert developers to augment new technology initiatives will see a rise. The acceptance of remote developers or dedicated development teams is far greater post COVID-era. The model to hire developers is now the new norm to ensure business continuity and seamless operations delivery.

One of the most prevalent myths about the hire developer engagement model is that remote teams are only for large organizations with thousands of employees. It is best for organizations where development requires constant iteration or change. Well, it is about time to debunk myths. Hire developer is appropriate for all types of companies right from startups to enterprise.

For many established businesses and startups alike, hiring a dedicated development team is the first thing to kickstart a new business idea requiring technology innovation.

Many companies rely on remote workers due to the cost-efficiency, flexibility, and quality it offers. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and the tumultuous turn of events have shown that remote developers are the need of the hour as the world adapts to the new normal.

Distributed Development Teams: New Normal

COVID-19 pandemic has been changed the way businesses operated. The focus is now not just on limiting the spread of the virus, but also rethinking different ways of working. While several companies urged staff to work from home, many companies hired remote staff from outsourcing companies as part of business continuity planning.

In order to continue working at optimum efficiency, companies have accepted new circumstances in order to create value.

When to hire a developer for your project?

Many entrepreneurs and businesses have effectively used dedicated offshore developers to grow businesses. If you are still not sure when to hire a developer for your team, here are the use case scenarios to hire a developer.

Bridging team’s skill gap

There are more than 2000 programming languages. The tech industry is evolving at an exponential rate. Technology that’s a buzzword today is a fad in a matter of a few weeks. Any company or person can gain expertise in a few technologies or master a small subset. In such cases, hiring developers with expertise and strong background in latest technologies is the best option to build mobile or web applications.

Even if you have an in-house development team, it is possible that your team does not have technical expertise for the project. Furthermore, hiring a new developer might not make sense as you might run out quickly once the functionality is implemented.

If a project requires implementing a technology your team is not familiar with, hiring a remote team is the best way forward.

Large Scale team of developers

There are several business scenarios when hiring really fast is the only way to launch a project. Well, you can hire a developer quickly. But what if there is a need of hiring an entire team of developers with experience in varying technologies. What if you are looking to hire iOS developers and Android developers to go live in the App world? But you also need PHP developers to build robust web applications, as well as UI/UX specialists.

Sounds challenging? Isn’t it?

In such scenarios when you need multiple developers to work on a project, hiring an offshore dedicated development team sounds the most feasible option. Not to mention that you will be saving time on the recruitment cycle, but also kickstart your development process quickly. With hire developer models, it is easy to access a talent pool with expertise in different technologies.

Project scope is fairly limited & defined

You need to quickly introduce a new feature in an existing product, but don’t wish to hire more people. You don’t want to disturb your core developers working on important tasks. In such a scenario, hiring a developer for a quick project is the best way forward. Once the new feature is implemented, you can downsize your extended team without any hassles. Dedicated development team gives you the chance to increase scalability at different stages of the project.

There are many situations when hiring dedicated developers support your existing team overloaded with projects. Instead of creating a queue of projects, you can hire offshore developers for less critical projects, allowing the core team to focus on critical projects.

Turnaround time is of essence

Time is of essence. Launching mobile and web apps in stipulated deadlines is a matter of survival. When getting a project done at a rapid pace is the requirement, hiring a developer or offshore dedicated developer team will work. It is possible that your in-house team will not be able to rush complex projects that offshore developers can do.


It is important to hire dedicated developers for your project to gain business advantage and stay ahead of technology trends.