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The world is more connected than ever before courtesy technology. Social media app development have played a crucial role in connecting people across different geographies. In the recent scenario, Social media turned out to be savior for people under lockdown and quarantine. Social media turned out to be the number one choice for today’s digital savvy world to stay connected.

As social distancing becomes the new normal, social networking sites are witnessing an exponential growth in terms of users and the amount of time users spend networking online. Whether it is video conferencing applications or instant messaging solutions, there is a rapid increase in the growth of social media.

Social networking and instant messaging app development such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp have become the new ways of conducting business and reaching out to customers during the troubled times.

The role of Social Media app development during the recent pandemic has compelled businesses to leverage the platform to stay ahead of the competition. From a business standpoint, social media is one of the most promising ways to provide an intuitive experience to users and increase engagement.

While the area is highly competitive, it is important to partner with a social media app development company to realize your new idea and seize new opportunities.

This blog will provide essential steps to build a social media app, types of social media apps and how much it costs to build a social media app?

Growing Importance of Social Media App Development amidst COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 has helped us realize that social media is not just meant for entertainment. It is actually helping connect people, businesses reach their target audience as well as overcome threats associated with pandemic. Social media is helping make things happen and several possibilities exist.

COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the way we live. Several businesses have found innovative ways to reach out to users and continue to inspire trust and hope among communities.

Social networks are extensively used to stay in touch with friends and family amidst social distancing advisories to control COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. An interesting survey of social media platforms conducted during the initial outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, here are the statistics:

  • Facebook was used extensively and topped the list with 78.1 percent of adults in the United States using the platform as of March 2020.
  • The second-most used platform was Instagram, with 49.5 percent of U.S. adults using the image sharing social platform.
  • Nearly, 7.7 percent of responding adults stated that they were not using social media.

While social media has connected people during quarantine and lockdown, this platform has also helped businesses and government authorities during COVID-19. With billions of social media users prior to the pandemic and significant increases in daily screen time during lockdown, social media is turning out to be reliable information.

The CDC, WHO, and healthcare organizations have been constantly updating websites and providing guidance across numerous platforms. However, it is challenging and not as simple as clicking an icon and downloading an app to your home screen.

Here is how social media giants are helping overcome the hazards of COVID-19.

Facebook, Google Scholar, and Twitter are providing reliable sources for people conducting coronavirus-related searches.


‘Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information Centre’ with information about the pandemic from health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of health with resources that can come help during crises.


Providing exclusive country-related information on the pandemic to its users. In its bid to keep a check on fake news.


News and Resources on coronavirus — formulated by LinkedIn editors that contain updates regarding the pandemic.

Given the massive number of people working remotely, video chat and online conference apps are experiencing explosive growth. The increasing time spent on social media is a key to growth. This might be the best time to launch social media and the entire world has embraced the medium with open arms and removed inhibitions regarding it.

The below infographic provides detailed information about the role of social media app development in the current scenario.

benefits of social media during covid-19

If you have decided to take a plunge into the social media app development process, here are essential steps to build an intuitive app.

Brainstorming the Idea

Analyze your idea and validate the concept. This stage will involve creating a user persona, analyzing the requirements, understanding your target audience and establishing KPIs. This stage will also involve technical validation and feasibility assessment before developing a social media app for mobile.

Technology Consulting

This stage involves technology consulting for social media ideas throughout different stages from ideation to final product development to discover and implement technologies with the potential of highest impact on long-term growth. Understanding the pulse of digital transformation will help gain an advantage.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Based on your project needs and requirements, it is important to build startups can consider building MVP with a minimal set of features needed just to learn from early adopters. We understand the needs of clients and implement measures for project success. Focusing on gaining early advantage, will help you determine product benefits, develop for release in the market and iterate to minimize costs.

Development & Testing

Team of expert developers empower startups to move to the next level of development & testing focused on quick time-to-market, fewer defects, optimum performance and reduced costs. The whole emphasis is about planning release in a systematic phase-wise manner of the product, as well as rigorous testing.

Product Reengineering

This stage is about assisting companies in re-engineering products in order to get an edge in fiercely competitive business environments. Product re-engineering services ensure that your product swiftly moves through the complete software development lifecycle.

Maintenance & Support

This stage provides multiple applications and maintenance services for startups which deliver next gen services to enterprises. Mobile app development experts provide modernization of critical applications to optimize performance and enhance functionality.

Types of Social Media Applications & Features

types of social media applications

How much does it costs for social media app development

The cost of social media app development is directly proportional to the features and targeted platforms and technologies. Several other factors such as developer expertise and experience level, complexity of features and design specification play an important role in determining the cost of social media app development.

Simple breakthrough of factors determining price:

  • Number of features
  • Advance features
  • UI/UX Specifications
  • Targeted platforms and operating systems
  • Technology preferences
  • Development team expertise & rates


Social media application development is not as easy as it appears due to rising data privacy and security concerns. However, good ideas, technical experience, and the strong professional team of social media developers are enough to launch a successful project to reach your business goals and bring users to the site/app.

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