This Holiday season Hidden Brains team came up with an innovative and playful way to help clients win exciting and special deals. Our team’s goal was simple guiding clients on their journey of technical innovation and excellence. We decided to take a fundamentally different approach with a playful manner. After hours of discussion and brainstorming, we came up with an endless running game. This would help clients play, accumulate H(B)itcoins, and redeem points to avail special offers and unlock special offers in Christmas and holiday season.

Our team imagined a character who would walk and rejoice with clients to earn benefits while playing the game in the journey of tech innovation.

But what would this character look like? Our team and creative artists explored several options:

  • A macho man?
  • A cowboy?
  • A menacing looking guy? Nah!

We decided to go for a mischievous kid who invites users to play and win!

Character “Moby” was born! With a sparkle in eyes and subtle innocence, Moby’s demeanor invites clients to play and win exciting offers.  This little kid is at forefront of technological innovation and transformation, with a refreshing approach to help earn Hitcoins rewards (don’t make a mistake and confuse it with another popular cryptocurrency). Ultimate goal was to  Play, Win, Earn & Redeem.

Key Features 

Dodge, avoid and jump. Get on a new exciting adventure with this addictive endless running game for an exhilarating experience. This game lets you collect coins and redeem points from within the app. Super Coin Rush game is all about fun and excitement with a touch of dash.

– Avoid obstacles spread across the city to accumulate points
– Different types of levels and speed with endless action
– Race through unique environments of the heritage city
– Easy-to-play and intuitive with simple controls
– Utilize jumps, slides and swipes mechanics for smooth movements
– Stay entertained for hours with amazing graphics
– Lively music

Have a Playful Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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