The Hidden Brains  journey started 12 years ago with a vision to provide next-generation technology solutions. From a team of 5 to 375+ employees today, the Hidden Brains journey of growth has been truly inspirational. Many of the team members were not part of this organization when Hidden Brains started way back in 2003. But each and every member shares the same enthusiasm as if they have all travelled the distance together since the epic journey began 12 years ago.

Every year, anniversary day celebrations provide a perfect platform to demonstrate a shared commitment that is carried out year-round by Hidden Brains team members. The stage was all set to celebrate success, excellence and innovation. And when it comes to celebrating our team’s success we leave no stone unturned. This year was no different.

HBians Day Out

The day-long event started early in the morning at seven o’clock at Narayani Heights Hotel & Resort. Well, the early morning time of the event did not deter HBians who started arriving in great numbers. Hidden Brains team members enjoyed morning breakfast before chipping off on the field to play like true champs. Both the competitive spirit and camaraderie among team members was evident while playing games. Some team members spent the time relaxing and watching movies.


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After some hard work on the field, and  delicious multi-cuisine lunch buffet, comes the time everyone has been waiting for - The Corporate Event, Convergence 2015. This journey would have been impossible without the dedication shown by our team members. It was indeed the perfect platform to say a big THANK YOU to team members for making Hidden Brains what it is today.

Corporate Event & Presentation

The Corporate Event started with the customary lighting of lamp by the entire HB management team followed by a prayer to the Almighty.

An interesting presentation showcased year-by-year growth of Hidden Brains right from its inception. It was all about celebrating our team’s success and recounting all the milestones we have crossed together.Mr. Pramod Sinha, Executive Director-Products, highlighted robust products that empower enterprises to do amazing things.

“HBian First” Mr Ram Chhawchharia also COO & Director – Sales took the stage to acknowledge little contributions that often go unnoticed, yet play a critical role in improving overall service delivery. His inspiring words won hearts of team members.



Certainly each and every HBian was gleaming with pride. And it was just about the right time to kick start the cultural fiesta to keep the momentum going.

We saw the so-called geeky developers display bedazzling skills and crack dance numbers. It was time for some soulful singing as well as acting talent.

Passionate solo performances left audience spellbound. Loud cheers echoed the venue and appreciated the hard work HBians had put behind the performance. After all, for the Hidden Brains team perfection is a way of life. Impromptu and mesmerizing performances by senior management took HBians by surprise. Audience screamed in joy and applauded.

Hidden Brains Convergence 2015 Performances

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HBians Work Hard, but Party Even Harder!

It was late in the evening, but the Celebrations were yet to rock….True to Hidden Brains spirit HBians gravitated towards the discotheque to rock-n-roll on the dance floor- as We believe in working hard, but partying even harder!

Hidden Brains Convergence 2015 - HBians Dancing on Dance Floor
It was time to call curtains down by bidding farewell to team members after a sumptuous dinner. The success of the day was apparent in the sheer level of participation and enjoyment among the HB family.

Yet another Foundation Day celebration that will be truly cherished in the hearts and minds of the team for years to come - as we Rediscover & Realize our potential and Rejuvenate our skills - stepping into the 13th year of Excellence.

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