Event Planner Apps

Are you looking for an event planner to plan your next family function? Well, you do not need to hire an event planner as you can do it your own. All you need to do, is just download some nice event planning apps and get started. Read the article to get a brief overview of some of the best iPhone apps to plan your events.


SuperPlanner is an ideal app for the professional event planners. It provides a wide range of planning tools like calculators for room capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection and dance floor, as well as useful tips in several areas. Each one of these tools has its own special feature. For example, the staffing calculator calculates the number of waiters, bartenders or check-in staff required for an event, on the basis of number of attendees. Similarly, the projection calculator tells about how close the first and last rows should be placed, on the basis of the screen height, focal length of lens and depth of projector.


This app helps the user find out everything that’s going on in his locality. It finds the local events and shows the events your friends are going to. It also shows the upcoming events for the week and weekend so that the user can plan his activities accordingly. All the festivals, concerts, classes, events, and conferences in your locality are listed in the app. Furthermore, if the user is planning to attend an event, he can share it with his friends.


With this app hosting an event and seating all the guests in an organized manner becomes an easy task. The user can easily connects venues, event planners, vendors and other hosts in the cloud so that everyone can work together, on the same floor plan with the same guest list and the same seating arrangements.

So, download these superb apps and start planning your party. Many similar or even advanced apps can be availed by hiring an iPad app developer. You can hire any freelance developer or just hire one from an app development company.

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