Enterprise mobility trends

We are in a dispensation where staying relevant is the goal of most businesses. Enterprise mobility is a transformative tool that drives organizations to the topmost heights. We no longer have to worry about being limited by office spaces or pinned to a desk, dependent on antiquated technology, or geographically separated from one another in a team. Companies aware of the significance of enterprise mobility trends are simply surfing through the currents of this revolutionary transformation. They’re riding the wave of enterprise mobility trends with ease and using this as a strength to grow their company.

Envision that your business operations aren’t confined to a place, and your staff can communicate effortlessly from all corners of the world. This is the exciting reality played out by current enterprise mobility trends today. 

The concept of Enterprise mobility revolves around allowing employees to work remotely. The system facilitates team communication regardless of physical location. You can turn idle time into helpful work by monitoring processes, analyzing trends, and making decisions.

Whether you run a multinational firm, a growing SMB, or an ambitious start-up, enterprise mobility has something for you. In a world where information travels outside the four walls of a physical workplace, now is the time to learn how to negotiate the complicated landscapes of security and data privacy. As you lead your team into this new era of flexibility and connectivity, get ready to take control of change management. So please read this blog to the end as we bring you the juiciest mobility trends for your organisation as you strive to remain relevant in the competitive business world. 

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

If you want to protect your organisation’s intellectual property and secure some specific processes that ensure your data is safe, then EMM is your best bet. EMM helps to secure a company’s data, processes, and services of employees’ mobile devices.

According to the team at Citrix, Enterprise Mobility Management is “a set of technology, processes, and policies to secure and manage the use of corporate- and employee-owned mobile devices within an organisation. EMM is constantly evolving to accommodate an ever-changing set of device platforms and mobility trends in the workplace.”

EMM seems broad, but it is all about keeping data and devices secure if a device is lost, stole,n or corrupted. The use of an EMM system depends on the device needs of the company because what works for one business might not work for the other. While some employers might want all data to be wiped off when an employee’s device goes missing, others might want to focus on some specific apps. The choice is yours. That is why most companies now see the EMM tool as a bold step to encourage their staff to be more productive while mobile.

Before we go further to explain the trends organisations need to boost the level of their employee’s productivity, this blog won’t be complete if we don’t talk about the BYOD movement. BYOD, which implies Bring-Your-Own-Device, was brought to the workplace because devices used in the 1980s were considered inefficient and portable for employees to be productive in the workspace. However, that has changed recently, and employees are encouraged to work with their devices from anywhere. Although the BYOD movement was great, it had its lapses. One lapse was the inability to secure files if the device was corrupted. That was why MDM, MAM, and MCM were invented. 

Mobile Device Management 

MDM ensures that your team’s equipment is in order. With MDM, the organisation can remotely adjust settings, impose security precautions, and even wholly wipe a lost device to prevent important information from getting into the wrong hands. In a simple and precise way, SearchMobileComputing explained the quote below:

“Mobile device management relies on endpoint software called an MDM agent and an MDM server that lives in a data centre (either on premises or in the cloud). IT administrators configure policies through the MDM server’s management console, and the server then pushes those policies over the air to the MDM agent on the device. The agent applies the policies to the device by communicating with application programming interfaces (APIs) built directly into the device operating system.” 

Mobile Application Management 

While MDM focuses on employees’ devices, MAM focuses on the applications on those devices. With MAM, you can freely lock an employee’s phone. The employee’s phone could be closed without bothering about the data will be lost, because the data would be kept safe. The IT team of the organisation can decide which apps the team may use and update those apps without bombarding everyone with emails.

Mobile Content Management

Not all organisations would want their employees to have access to tons of the company’s data. MCM distributes content to the right people. Mobile Content Management is the right solution if you have such a need in your company. Mobile content management offers features like organising, storing, and distributing digital content for mobile devices. This tool improves employees’ convenience and ensures that your company grows significantly in how it allocates content.  

Why organizations need to promote enterprise mobility in their businesses

Let’s dive into some essential reasons that make enterprise mobility a must.

With enterprise mobility, there are no barriers

They make it easier for companies to use and store data from anywhere in the world. Hence, it is not limited to an office environment. Previously, employees had to be present in person to complete their work. But not anymore! With enterprise mobility, the barriers are broken. As long as there is access to the internet, enterprise mobility enables your employees to work remotely from any location. This newfound flexibility boosts morale and productivity by allowing your team to work where they’re most comfortable and inspired.

Collaboration is made easy

No matter where your staff are, they can collaborate quickly and efficiently. Imagine the ease and high productivity rate of working with other employees from different time zones, having to share ideas with individuals who hold different perspective that facilitates organizational growth. That’s what enterprise mobility can do for you. Making it comfortable for people from different regions or continents to collaborate effectively. This can boost your company’s reputation and make your organisation an innovation force which can give you a competitive vantage.

You attract the best talent

When you provide flexible tools for your staff to work with, you ensure that your workforce encompasses of the best and the brightest employees. The most promising team understand the need for work-life balance. So when you encourage enterprise mobility services, you expose your company as one that treasures the well-being of its workers and supports contemporary working practices.

Enterprise Mobility extends to your clients

With this, your organisation can communicate easily and directly with its clients—all thanks to mobile apps, virtual customer care, and online buying.

It increases profitability

Enterprise mobility increases profitability. Managers are given more time to assign tasks to employees to meet their company’s demands. 

Enterprise mobility trends you need to know as a business owner

1. 5G Mobile Network

This is the 5th generation technology, changing how organisations connect and communicate with employees. Introducing 5G to your business will give your company an edge. The benefits of 5g to employees must be considered, as it improves an organisation’s effectiveness and makes information travel faster among staff members. It’s all about giving your staff and consumers faster connections and more seamless experiences. However, introducing 5G to your business operations doesn’t only make workflow faster, but it can also expand its reach to new areas.

2. The Internet of Things (IoT) 

With IoT, anyone can gain access to it and begin using it because of the much information it has. The Internet of Things exchanges data with both the device and the cloud. IoT improves data collection and decision-making processes. Imagine your appliances communicating with one another like a well-composed symphony. That’s what IoT can do for you. The Internet of Things allows for collaboration and communication between anything, giving your company a digital sixth sense of trends. Organisations have seen the need to use IoT to operate more efficiently and increase the value provided to their customers.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of AI and ML has multiplied recently. It helps you make wiser and more intelligent decisions. Scaling your business operations with AI and ML will help revolutionise how organisations manage and secure mobile devices, ensuring more efficiency and enhanced user experience.

4. Ventures in augmented reality (AR) 

Large companies like Amazon invest big in AR reality. These companies have already made AR available to their clients, which helps them to create interactive learning experiences.‌ Augmented reality is your secret tool to enhance virtual collaboration and improve consumer experiences. AR is pivotal to the sustenance of enterprise mobility as it offers employees the opportunity to interact and explore their environment. And allows clients to understand complex processes. Customers who use AR now control their presence in reality. 

5. Remote Workfront: A revolution in productivity

The age of the conventional office has passed. Flexibility in the workplace, including the option to work remotely, is becoming ever more attractive to job candidates. The workforce wants more freedom. They believe that a better work-life balance would lead to more productivity and efficiency on the job. Embrace the tools that will help your team succeed no matter where they happen to be located.

6. Portable Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications serve as mini-universes for your company. It provides products, services, and even whole shopping journeys. Develop a robust app ecosystem and give your clients access to a flourishing market. One benefit of the mobile app to workers is that it streamlines and simplifies the users’ work. Those who use the mobile app will agree that it has limited screen space and attention. It is on this note that the apps load faster and remove distractions.

7. Cybersecurity

To safeguard sensitive company data from cybercriminals, businesses should increase spending on mobile security solutions. In doing so, you are doing more than just protecting your staff; you are also helping them. 

8. Blockchain Technology

Using blockchain technology inherently increases safety and reliability. It improves the effectiveness, openness, and safety of your company’s day-to-day operations. Use it to create an unbreakable log of your business’s dealings. Integration of blockchain technology into enterprise mobility will therefore provide transparency and guarantee the smooth operation of business transactions.

9. Voice-Activated Assistants

A computer program that can decipher the human voice is called a voice-activated assistant. Therefore, smartphones with voice recognition software, such as Google Assistant, make life easier at work and enhance enterprise mobility. Employee productivity can be increased with the use of voice assistant technology by streamlining the execution of routine tasks.

10. Cloud Computing Exploration

If you’re looking to save money and get more done for your business, cloud computing is the way to go. There is no need to worry about losing sensitive data when using cloud computing.

11. Bring Your Own Device Policies (BYOD)

As explained earlier, BYOD policies set the rules. It determines how and when employees use specific devices for work-related tasks. This is the brainbox that ensures the smooth running of business operations in your company. 


The aforementioned are the 11 corporate mobility trends that every business owner should know. Remember, as you navigate these trends, the goal isn’t to catch every wave but to set your sails to catch the winds of innovation and guide your company toward a future full of opportunities. 

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