Enterprise Mobility Challenges during Covid-19

Enterprise mobility services are playing a critical role during this crisis. Digital platforms, mobility and collaboration tools have played an instrument role during pandemic. Enterprises and business organizations that leveraged the potential of enterprise mobility and trained their people to use them before COVID-19 are adapting to the remote working scenario better compared to others.

Life has been shocked going to a terrifying stop practically for the time being. Only a few months back, few organizations helped emergency readiness and resiliency plans. Streak back to only a month or so prior and you’d find that most of organizations had been initiating what most saw as sound resiliency plans, with corporate administration, emergency readiness, and advanced change the keys that made numerous enterprises withstand unchartered waters.

Mobile technology is not just acting as a connectivity tool, bridging the communication gaps between individuals and families, but also helping companies stay connected during remote working. Several leaders feared productivity would decline.

However, thanks to digital transformation, IT infrastructure, tech-enablement, and digital upskilling transitioning to remote work has actually worked. In fact in some industries, projects done manually are being overhauled and transformed in real time to be done remotely.

Also, obviously, the capacity for employees to rapidly move to videoconferencing and remain associated with their groups has kept spirit solid, factors fundamental to working through emergencies. The situation we’re living and working in as the consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is beyond imagination.

This is what we’ve heard in discussions with big business IT tasks staff up until this point

Information Assurance: Security and information insurance go connected at the hip. Since the remote working, there is a worry about data breaches, hacks and attacks, putting information in danger. Reinforcements and its expanded recurrence put broad interest on information insurance frameworks attempting to deal with the expanded burden.

Absence of Trained Staff: Trained IT staff is considerably more noteworthy to implement data security policies. As noticed, these incorporate security and information assurance. Cloud foundation and system the board are two more.

Business Continuity Plans: Are at any rate being somewhat enacted to manage remain at home requests. This is especially the situation for frameworks that currently should be overseen and looked after remotely. It is evident that it is not just about protecting data, it is equally important to secure people. The nonattendance of hands-on operational staff should have been considered too.

Covd-19 and Enterprise Mobility Considerations

Platform Scalability and Performance

Scalability is characterized by the application’s ability to deal with a developing measure of work by adding assets to the framework. With respect to applications, versatility alludes to the capacity of your foundation to deal with a developing number of clients, customers, and clients. It additionally relates to the capacity of your present or future improvement group to keep up the stage.

Scalable application execution is characterized as a client’s view of how the application performs. This implies the exhibition of your portable application is estimated by how responsive it is, the way rapidly it fires up, how well it utilizes gadget memory, how well it utilizes gadget force, and how smooth the liveliness or intuitive components carry on.

Know about Memory Consumption

It’s imperative to know about how much gadget memory your application is utilizing. The recipe for overseeing memory is to keep up the client express that you need in memory, yet no more. Actually, you need your application to use as meager memory as could reasonably be expected, yet it’s unreasonable to expect an application to utilize a modest quantity memory.

Mobile apps deal with several things involving complexity such as playing a video stream, running procedures that depend on enormous informational collections, or substantial designs rendering. There are unquestionably cases for an application to utilize a great deal of memory yet sadly, not all mobile applications utilize huge amounts of memory for valid justifications.

Test for Multiple Bandwidth Scenarios

There will probably be times when your clients just approach a constrained web network or none by any stretch of the imagination (occasions such as these are an ideal model). In such cases, you have to think about numerous bandwidth situations.

Regularly, low-speed web connection will disappoint clients and cause them to quit utilizing the application. It likewise impacts the general client experience (UX). Hence, you have to think about the most exceedingly terrible conceivable web speed while creating mobile applications.


Only with an iterative approach will help enterprise mobile development companies to stay ahead and keep moving forward.

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