In an enterprise, it is quite common to face a situation where connecting to people of the same organization seems like a major task. This becomes especially tedious if people from different teams have to work together for a project. This is where the need of mobility is realized.

Only if all the members working at an enterprise are available on the go, no matter their physical location, things would have been much simpler. Enterprise mobility is developed on this concept and helps in speeding up the interdependent operations.

Transforming Enterprises with Mobility

Until recently, most of the enterprises have not implemented the mobility concept in the right way. In response to increased usage of mobile devices and application, enterprises moved ahead with a straightforward approach utilizing the basic feature of ‘mobility’.

However, enterprise mobility is much beyond that. When organizations hire professional enterprise mobility services & solutions, they can proceed in a systematic way by defining a mobile strategy. A well-defined and properly executed mobile strategy helps to transform the enterprise with respect to its working methodologies and operations.

Why Should Organizations Adopt Enterprise Mobility?

There are several reasons for organizations to adopt the concept of enterprise mobility, some of which are mentioned below:

Rising Dependency on Mobile Phones

As per the recent report of United Nations, six billion people out of seven billion own mobile phones. Mobility has completely revolutionized the way people interact and communicate with others. When so many people are available on phones all day long, why not leverage it to the advantage of your business?

Adds to the User Convenience

Enterprise mobility adds to the user convenience as no task or operation at any level is kept on halt due to unavailability of concerned member. With the ability to access work at any time and from anywhere, it becomes easier for team members to complete tasks on time without breaching the deadlines.

However, this convenience is experienced only when the mobile app serves the exact purpose and address the challenges of users, which otherwise are not possible. When partnering with enterprise mobility services provider, specify all your concerns, requirements and preferences that you need to have in your enterprise mobility app.

Accessibility with Security

Enterprise mobility concept works well when it allows members to use their mobile devices freely for both personal as well as professional use. For example, an employee working with a big enterprise may use the same mobile device to check work emails, personal emails, click photos, access social accounts and play games.

As long as the user can freely access the mobile device to carry out personal activities, he/she does not mind the added security that comes with enterprise apps and data.

Going Beyond Mobile-first Strategy to Adopt Mobile-plus Approach

While enterprise mobility is in existence since years, many organizations do not know how to utilize it completely. Cloud technology is intersecting with enterprise mobile apps to streamline back-end integration, user security and management. This helps different business departments to move ahead at their own pace with advanced tools and technologies.

The convergence of mobility with other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and Big Data is bringing in a new wave of change in the way stakeholders communicate and interact in an ecosystem. It is high time enterprises go beyond mobile-first approach and adopt the mobile strategy that perfectly aligns with the business plan.

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