As the retail industry becomes more connected, brands and retailers are seizing the opportunities to provide an omnichannel experience based on the wealth of consumer data available. Tremendous opportunity lies in targeting customers with highly relevant and personalized coupons tailored for a range of channels.

However, fierce competition for shoppers has resulted in fragmentation of the retail environment and increased dependency on promotional offers and coupons.

When it comes to getting lucrative cash discounts, coupon app is still the way to go. Online coupon offering mobile app is an easy way to market your brand, increase awareness and advertise your business. If you are looking to build a coupon app, here are few factors that will determine the cost.

Type of Mobile Application

Developing a mobile application is directly proportional to technologies and platforms.

1. Platform Choice: iOS or Android or both: Your costs are directly proportional to the platform you select. Are you looking to develop for Android, iOS or cross-platform app?

2. Cross-platform Apps: Cross-platform apps are like native apps, built using a combination of the web and native technologies that are distributed via a native app store. They run on both platforms — iOS and Android — but don’t have access to different device features and can be a challenge to design, as both platforms have conflicting requirements.

3. Progressive Web Apps: The latest buzzword in terms of technology by Google. It’s a web app that you can access through the browser with the features and the feel of a native app. Easy to install and convenient; you just need to visit the website and add it to the home screen. They’re not supported on iOS, though.

Complexity & Functionality of App

The cost of your coupon app is directly proportional to the functionality, complexity and features. It depends on the amount of work involved in building the features.

1. Basic Apps: These apps will merely include few screens and won’t store any data.

2. Database/API apps: Mobile applications requiring signing in, registration, as well as syncing data between multiple devices falls into this category. Also, if your app needs to store data on the user’s device or a remote server, then you’ll need something more complex.

3. Custom Mobile /Enterprise Application Development: Custom mobile application development or bespoke interface design tailored to meet specific user needs or objectives fall under this category. The timelines and price range depend on the scope and requirements of the project.

Delivery times vary too from a couple of weeks to three to nine months for more complex multi-feature apps.

Features List:-

1. Benefits of Online Coupon Apps:

2. Economical and cost-effective for diverse products ranging from clothing to restaurants to services

3. Online coupon offers time sensitive discount offers

4. End of season sale

5. Coupons are easy to redeem

App Functionality

Login/Signup with email and Login with Facebook, Twitter, or Google

1. Buyer/Seller Dashboard to modify, edit, activate, or deactivate deals

2. Deals/Coupons based on the city

3. Live deals or coming soon deals

4. Recommended Deals/Popular Deals

5. Featured Deal

6. Push Notification

7. Admin to accept and reject

8. Special feature a deal on the homepage

9. Full featured notification emails to buyers, sellers and admins

10. Analytics for transaction Reports

11. Payment Gateway Integration

12. Geo-location Notification

13. Campaign start and stop feature

14. Drop down menu and Multilanguage app

15. Custom page templates

16. Custom widgets

17. Ad Monetization

Additional Features

1. Social Integration: Feature to post on a user’s social media. It can be leveraged to boost your app’s growth through “word-of-mouth” and “viral” marketing

2. Rating System: Thumbs up/down or rating of content

3. In-App Purchases: To charge users for additional features, downloads, and services from within the app using “In-App Purchases”

4. Geo-Location: Collect data about geographic location to provide highly contextual information
User Profiles: Allow users to create user profiles

Hire Freelancer or Outsource to Mobile Application Development Company?

Whether you hire freelance developer or outsource, it is important to collaborate with the top mobile app development company or hire expert professionals for your project.

With mobile application development company, you have access to a dynamic pool of talented professionals such as mobile app developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers as well as QA professionals.

Depending on your budget and business goals, you can hire freelancer. However, the task of coordinating with freelancers on different matters can turn out to be cumbersome shifting your focus away from core business activities.

The total cost to create a coupon app is calculated as the app development time or the rate of the developers. The cost to develop coupon app ranges from $10,000 to $250,000. However, depending on extent of customization and additional functionality needed, the cost may vary and fluctuate.

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