Steps to choose a offshore software development company

It is a ubiquitous fact that technology is an invaluable asset today that can be leveraged to make businesses more efficient and productive. 

Well, when it comes to technology integration, there is no doubt there is a multitude of options available, which can give any business a competitive edge. 

In parallel, while implementing cutting-edge businesses should consider the scalability and maintainability of the technology they are investing in, as well as the quality of the Offshore software development company.

This will ensure the upcoming software will be an investment for their business model.

Are you scratching your head?

You might be because most of us are unaware of the ifs and buts that are required to choose the right offshore software partner.

Well, fret note as we are here to break down everything into a simple checklist for you to choose the best offshore partner for your business needs.

Let’s hop onto the voyage to unleash some of the most important things that you should look for in your technology partner.

What is an Offshore Partner?

Offshore software development companies are located in different parts of the world, offering their services to businesses from different countries, which are spanning across larger geographies

They enable businesses to access a global pool of talent, giving them more control over the software they are creating. They are capable of specialized skills and expertise in different areas and come at a much affordable cost allowing them to offer competitive rates to their clients. 

It goes without saying but this ensures businesses save money and maximize their budgets.

Last but not least,  partnering with an offshore software development company means businesses can share the responsibilities of the development process with them. And businesses can focus more diligently on their core functionalities rather than investing time in the app development journey.

Exciting? HUH!

Just keep scrolling further, as now we are going to spill the beans about hiring tips for the right offshore partner that can help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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Tips to consider while Choosing an Offshore Development Company 

To be precise, there is no pandora box that can divulge the right partner for your business. 

We understand, setting up a website or a business can be an intricate process that requires hard work and patience for the best results. Hence, it’s important to look for the qualities of the company, their technical expertise in the relevant field, their infrastructure and capability to deliver on time. 

Moreover, you’ll also need to consider their security protocols and the cost of their services. Gosh! They are too many!

Don’t worry to ease down the process and cut down the list to key steps, we have gathered a few but relevant tips to keep in mind while selecting your technology partner to build a new product or improve an existing one.

Let’s begin with the tips for selecting the right offshore development partner!

Narrow Down your Business Objectives

We understand you have a clear set of objectives for your business, but for your software, the goals and objectives would be slightly different.

Henceforth, before finalizing any decision, you should gain clarity on the type of software that is required for the development. In addition, there is nothing wrong in considering the potential gains or losses, analyzing the risks, and determining how specific features would help you achieve your goals. 

Though it would be an added advantage if you would consider the current market trends, the prevailing competition level, and the scalability of the software. 

Referrals are your Savior

Referrals are your trusted resources sharing their development journey with so and so company. Thus, it is always a good idea to seek help from industry experts, friends, and other professionals. They share real-time insights and experiences, and you can easily determine the best vendor that can meet your specific needs. 

It is more like a tried and tested approach, so you can check the background, reviews, customer ratings, and customer testimonials. And determine if such a technology partner is a right fit for your business while offering the most promising services and results for your business. 

Communication Matrix

Well, you may think it is a little over-rated aspect, but trust us, it is highly important.

Indeed, understanding the communication matrix is a crucial step. This matrix helps in tracking the project’s progress while ensuring that everyone is on the same page, and there is no deviation in the outsourcing software development.

In this matrix, there should be contact information of all the stakeholders, the frequency of reviews,  the project timeline, and desirable outcomes. 

The communication matrix should also include a list of milestones for the project. This will help you in understanding the progress of the project and in keeping track of the timeline.

Discuss Security Aspects in Advance

Technology advancement has led to multiple data breach issues. Henceforth, there is nothing wrong in asking a technology partner about data security.

They must have in place encryption technology to safeguard the collected data. Further, check if they have a privacy policy, and how they store information. 

You should remember that encryption is an important measure helping to protect data and with a privacy policy intact customer data does not get misused. 

Compliance with Global Standards

Your software development can be catered to any international end-users, thus it is important to understand if the vendor compliance with international regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. 

You can ask them directly and further assess it by sifting through their privacy policy. And if they are not compliant, then it is better to move to another vendor without fail.

Technology and Development Methodology

There is a plethora of development methodologies available in the market. But not all are meant for your business needs, hence it is crucial to ask about the technology and the strategy that will be used to integrate in your business solution.

Therefore, you should ask the vendor about their experience with the programming language and other software specifics, you have decided to integrate within your project. 

Moreover, it is prudent to ask about the development methodology that the vendor will be following for your project. This will ensure that the development process aligns with your expectations and that the product meets the desired quality standards.

Clarity on Scope of Service

The scope of service is a crucial element, which can never be ignored. You must ensure that both you and the software development vendor are on the same page.

You should set your requirements and processes clearly, and establish a timeline that both parties can adhere to. 

Furthermore, you should ensure that the vendor can fulfill any specific technical requirements before beginning the project, which may include providing specific integrations and ensuring that they have the necessary hardware and expertise to complete the project.

On the other hand, discussing any necessary testing and debugging processes in the project ensures that you are clear on the payment structure and that the vendor can provide you with proof of their financial capability to complete the project.

Software Ownership

To ensure that your company solely owns the custom software, it is important to check the vendor’s license agreement and the source code. 

Your selected vendor should provide a non-exclusive license to the source code, which will ensure that the software can be used only by your company. 

To be added further in the tips outsourcing software development company, it is significant that the source code is not resold or used by the vendor in any other way. 

Here, you can ask your technology partner to include a clause so they cannot make modifications to the source code unless such changes are requested by your business. 

Hour Zone Difference

A seamless development process, where you are updated regularly about the advancements made is not a choice but a necessity. Although being from a different time zone can be a challenge here, hence you must pick the vendor that syncs with your business timings and provides regular status updates. 

Partner with the Right Offshore Software Development Company

Any business building software is of utmost significance, as it brings many opportunities. Hence, investing in its development strategy is a crucial decision. The ideal partner for you will help you take your business to the next level, and scale higher. 

We understand that there is not just one factor to look at when choosing the right partner, but multiple. And it can be a daunting task for you to pick the right vendor. That is why we at Hidden Brains – a top software development company are here to help you.

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