Business Productivity Tools for eCommerce Vendors

In times of digitalization, online trade is becoming increasingly important: Consumers prefer to order with a click on the desktop or mobile devices and have their goods delivered to their home. Companies have to adapt to the trend with smart solutions and add-ons if they don’t want to lag behind the competition.

With all the business productivity tools for eCommerce vendors available today, running an online business is no longer a daunting task. You do not need to have any specific skills to create, style, and open a successful online shop.

Best Business Productivity tools for eCommerce Vendors 

Template Monster

Template Monster is a marketplace where you can buy everything you need to design a website. Tons of independent developers sell their products through this platform so you can create your unique project. The product range includes:

  • WordPress themes and plugins;
  • Themes for online shops (WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, MotoCMS E-Commerce);
  • CMS models (Drupal, Joomla, MotoCMS 3);
  • Website templates with a drag and drop builder;
  • High-quality graphic resources (fonts, illustrations, logo templates, PSD templates, user interface elements, corporate identity, outline templates, Powerpoint / Keynote templates);
  • Marketing, design and development services

Heat map

Heatmap helps you figure out how your visitors interact with your content.

What topics are your customers interested in? You can have the heat map displayed and, at the same time, surf your page to identify areas that are in the focus of most customers. With the free version, you can track five pages of a website.

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that analyzes essential elements that are also retrieved by search engines. In the free version, 500 URLs of a domain can be checked. Pages, title, meta description, H1 title, URLs, etc. are clearly listed, so they can be found and optimized quickly.


The SaaS tool Custobar is an application located between CRM and marketing automation and enables data-based customer segmentation. Customer data from the offline and online worlds are brought together here. Users can then select customer data in granular form and use it for promotions.

For example, all customers who have already bought science fiction books and have been active in the past six months could be sent newsletters with new publications from this division. Or just specific texts from a particular author.


Every shop operator who uses different social media channels knows how complex it is to plan and distribute it. The Buffer tool allows three social media accounts to be connected free of charge and a maximum of 10 posts, including text, link, and hashtags, and to be posted on the desired date. Another advantage of buffer is that Instagram posts can also be conveniently prepared on the PC.


The predictive analytics tool Gpredictive analyzes past customer behavior and uses this database to create predictions for future customer behavior. For example, it could be determined which product categories are particularly attractive to individual customers, then design newsletter or other campaigns in a targeted manner.


Icons8 is a vast library with more than 120,000 symbols in various styles and formats. The graphics are of high quality and very functional for app interfaces for phones and tablets, websites, graphic design projects, or clipart for presentations and infographics. You can download the symbols or edit them in the app.

Icons8 has license agreements for almost all types of projects. There are many free options (most require that you only provide a link to point to the source). And Icons8 also has some paid plans for those who need access to more assets.


With SurveyMonkey‘s free survey tool, you can create surveys for your online shop with just a few clicks. What do your customers want? Create polls with up to 10 questions per survey on different topics, such as the product range, the checkout process. Collect up to 100 feedbacks per survey.


The loading time is one of the most important key figures of an online shop: Satisfied shop visitors and the Google ranking can be influenced by long loading times. The free tool Pingdom analyzes the loading time of your page or that of the competition.

Zoho Projects

If you need reliable team organization software, try Zoho Projects. It offers an intuitive web interface with intelligent tools for managing projects, discussing tasks, providing shared access, etc. The service can be integrated into all-important programs such as OpenOffice, ZIP, MS Office, Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc.

Zoho Projects consists of four main modules: tasks, milestones, calendars, and documents. There are two modules for searching and tracking errors, time management, issuing invoices, etc.


While business productivity tools can help to boost your business, the real power to achieve the best results come by customizing the right solutions for your business. This is where robust eCommerce business solutions come in. Taking advantage of technology at the right time will help you scale your business as and when needed.

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