Advantages of visitor management system for corporate offices

Quick Summary: A visitor management system is a software solution that lets you control all employees or guests visiting your office. Not just that it goes beyond just monitoring the visitors visiting the office. This blog will take you on a journey as we look into visitor management software to transform the visitor experience. Learn how they enhance workplace security, their benefits, and more. Here we go.

Does your office still maintain a manual logbook to track visitors?

As businesses transform into a world of paramount efficiency and security, visitor management is becoming increasingly integral to the modern workplace. It keeps track of your visitors at your facility and allows you to check them in when they arrive. This system frequently gathers information on visitors, such as who they are, what they visit, and why they are there.

According to a report, the global visitor management market touched approximately $1 billion in 2021. By 2026, the market is expected to surpass the value of $2.6 billion. In addition to reducing paperwork, enhancing security, and complying with regulatory requirements, visitor management software has come a long way.

What Is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor management systems are used to track and manage visitors to your workplace.

Provide a warm welcome to visitors while ensuring their property, ideas, and people are protected. An organization that implements visitor management solutions can develop policies and procedures for managing visitors to the facility.

Business owners and managers recognize the value of visitor management, so more and more of them are moving from paper-based sign-in sheets to digital systems that allow them to manage visitors more efficiently and effectively.

Types of Visitor Management Software

Various visitor management solutions are available to meet the needs of various industries and businesses today, and we can categorize them into the following types:

different type of visitor management system

Basic Digital Visitor Sign-In Systems

Using these systems instead of paper logbooks lets users keep track of their activities digitally. This is an on-premise software system allowing businesses to capture visitors’ information and digital issue badges and control access rights from a centralized online interface.

Cloud-based Solution‍

Using this system, visitors can register and manage themselves via an online platform and mobile apps, giving them access using their smartphone or email to access the site. Utilizing the cloud for data collection also simplifies the data collection process. 

Integrated Systems

A visitor management system works with access control and physical security controls already in place. 

Combining cloud-based and touchless sign-in solutions with QR codes, facial recognition, and other features enables efficient visitor management and access control configurations. 

Furthermore, integrated visitor management solutions provide businesses with valuable insights into visitor behavior, allowing them to manage and operate their facilities better. ‍

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Self-service Kiosk Systems

Self-service kiosks allow visitors to check in independently using touch screens. They often offer a cohesive visitor experience, including photo capture, ID scanning, and on-site visitor badge printing.

There you go – visitor management systems make it easy to register and track visitors in a safe, compliant, and efficient way.

Benefits of Visitor Management Software

Keeping up with the fast-paced world of modern business requires meticulous attention to detail. An effective visitor management software solution can be a great help in elevating the professionalism of your workplace, as well as benefitting your bottom line in a variety of ways. 

Looking at some key advantages of visitor management systems, we can see why it has become the number one choice for businesses in recent years.

Advantages of visitor management system

Reputation Building and Visitor Satisfaction

A quick and efficient sign-in process will make it easier for visitors to reach their destinations at the right time when they need them. Visitor experiences also play a key role in influencing the reputation of the company. With the Visitor Management System, you can make this easy for you. 

Complying With Regulatory Requirements

Complying with regulatory requirements can be a real headache for businesses in many industries. By implementing a visitor management system, you can stay on top of the game by tracking and managing data about your visitors and their access history in an accurate, up-to-date manner. 

In this way, the next time an audit comes around, you will be able to impress the auditors with all the necessary documentation.

Achieving Employee Well-being

The introduction of visitor management technologies may contribute to employee well-being by ensuring a safer work environment. Moreover, the organization’s personnel have the skills and knowledge required to accommodate large numbers of visitors. In turn, this increases productivity.

Enhancing the Brand’s Image

Today, technology is integral to creating a modern environment that can positively affect the customer and its establishment. This will contribute to a feeling of security among visitors.

Enhanced Efficiency

There are several ways in which a visitor management system can contribute to an organization’s or business’s increased efficiency. Checking in and signing in visitors can be made more efficient by assisting with the automation of the check-in process.

Keeping Track of Visitor Behavior

It’s very easy to incorporate consent forms into your check-in process by making them a part of the process. Instead of continuously informing visitors of their responsibilities and assessing them independently, you can consider creating an agreement that allows visitors access.

A VMS form may contain the following:

  • A clause prohibiting the use of electronics.
  • A cyber safety policy.
  • Even a waiver of liability.

Besides pre-screening visitors, consent agreements can be sent in advance as well. A VMS provides a secure way to store these documents forever, ensuring that a department can access that information if needed for a certain audit or investigation in the future.

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Digitizes Workflow to Streamline Processes

A study has found that reducing workplace distractions can lead to higher productivity, a higher level of happiness at work, and a higher level of motivation among employees. A visitor management system can significantly reduce the burden on your front desk staff associated with visitor sign-ins and reduce associated stress. 

By doing so, they can give more attention to urgent matters without compromising the visitor experience or that crucial first impression. A front desk staff member can automatically receive a notification once visitors sign in, giving them their registration details.

Privacy of Visitors

A paper-based visitor record could be more secure. In an age when digital data has become a valuable commodity, your website must safeguard visitors’ data and personal information.

With good visitor management system uses a range of security measures to ensure the safety of your business visitors, such as password-protected content, data encryption, and firewalls, to ensure every visitor is kept safe.

Securely Manage Visitor Data

In every aspect of your business, the security of your data is vital-and. This is the same when managing visitors.

A public logbook on a desk containing names, phone numbers, and email addresses can be used to manage visitors analogously. Anyone with access to a desk can view this data and browse the pages. This unsecured visitor data may make some visitors feel uncomfortable. How bad could it get? It can get you in trouble. 

By implementing a technology-based VMS, all visitor data is securely managed, so visitors only see their details rather than the private information of other visitors.

In addition to managing visitors, the System can securely store necessary legal paperwork, such as contracts and more.

Importance of Implementing It in Corporate Offices

Implementing a Visitor Management System lets you control your office like never before. Ensure the safety of your employees, with a clear view and control of everyone entering and leaving your premises throughout the day.

In addition, a VMS can help you efficiently manage all aspects of your site, from the front desk to ensure no visitor queues up to gain entry to ensuring all entrances to your site are properly secured.

Taking a closer look at its significance in corporate offices will be helpful.

Visitor management software for offices

Streamlined Processes

Although manual sign-ins are popular, they could be more efficient. A visitor information system, however, makes it much easier to find visitor information instantly, eliminating the need to go through pages of information and filter results. Having a visitor management system also makes entry and departure times easier.

Reduce the Administrative Burden

Saving time is one of the main reasons why visitor management is essential. Office managers often have to deal with lengthy, manual processes to operate their companies. Implementing a visitor management system can reduce the administrative burden on your staff.

Ensures a Positive First Impression

A good entryway and lobby are crucial, but how they make people feel will leave a lasting impression on them. Using a VMS solution at your organization allows you to dedicate your attention to the guest, not the paperwork. It ensures that any guest visiting your facility has a hassle-free visit.

Maintain Constant Watch Over the Premises

To ensure a successful experience for visitors, it is imperative that the right set of rules is enforced and adhered to. As a result, organizations should implement a visitor management solution to ensure they comply with regulations. 

Having a complete database dedicated to gathering visitor information could be very helpful as it would be incredibly easy to identify a trespasser or person that might pose a potential security threat with a complete database.

How Does Visitor Management Software Enhance Security?

Every day, thousands of people walk through the doors of many companies, including employees, customers, suppliers, and visitors. The process involves certain risks. Nowadays, most companies have security cameras and alarm systems installed to protect their employees.

Still, they need to limit risks. The reception desk is often overlooked as your business’s first line of defense. By upgrading to a visitor management system, you ensure the safety and security of your workplace.

visitor management system to enhance security

Alerts & Notifications in an Instant

An office is a place where people visit and depart. You need to monitor the traffic in your office as thoroughly as possible to ensure your company is secure. 

Therefore, it is beneficial for visitor management platforms to be able to provide employees with instant notifications in real-time regarding guests to keep them informed.

You will receive an instant email or SMS notification when a guest arrives. Thus, you will be notified whenever someone arrives at the office, whether you are in the office or not.

Monitoring of Employees

It goes beyond monitoring your guests. It is an efficient way of ensuring that employees are always present at the office. 

The use of an advanced visitor management system can serve the same function as an employee in-out board, allowing you and your staff to be transparent about who is coming in and going out of the office, ensuring your premises and team members’ safety.

Differentiating Employees From Visitors Is More Accessible

Your receptionists may be swamped with a lot of work, leading to missing some visitors entering and leaving your building.

Without a visitor management system, there is no way around it you must guess where they are going. Tracking each visitor is made easier. The system allows receptionists to register visitor information more quickly. 

Managing the Evacuation Process

Although organizations are constantly on their guard to ensure workplace security, emergencies, and unexpected situations can inevitably arise. When this occurs, it is imperative to ensure the safety of all employees and visitors.

The visitor management software provides you with an accurate record of who is on-site at all times. On top of this, everyone is notified immediately when there is a fire, safety concern, or any other emergency in the building.

Maintaining Organized Audit Trails and Records

Visitor management systems provide several options for taking action for a security audit. VMS program allows you to keep detailed visitor logs, giving you real-time data on any situation that might arise in the future. 

It is essential to notice that these audit trails can also be integrated into your access control system so that you have a 360-degree view of security at all times.

Complying with Regulatory Requirements

By collecting visitor data, you can make your office more secure. However, how this information is stored is essential, and visitor management systems can help here.

Several industries in recent years have begun to regulate and mandate visitor management protocols to ensure compliance with the laws. 

By using visitor management systems, you can effectively control the flow of visitors into your organization; data security regulations require this to comply.

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Safety Prevention

Having deviated from the pandemic of COVID-19, businesses are now working normally again since the disease began to recede. In full swing, several meetings with clients, events, and a re-design of the office are taking place. As a result, every person visiting the premises is potentially a disease carrier.

Visitor management software protects employee and visitor health and safety by checking for updated vaccination certificates. With this solution in place, contact tracing is easier.


Visitor management software is imperative for any workplace to enhance the level of security, regardless of the industry and how the business functions are carried out. As hybrid work and frequent visits become more prevalent, organizations face new challenges in managing the workplace safely and effectively. Do you seek visitor management solutions to enhance the security of your workplace? This is where Hidden Brains comes in.

As a leading software development company, we understand the importance of security in the workplace. Hence, we provide a world-class visitor management system that exceeds the workplace’s security level. We aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions that monitor every visitor who makes their way to the office.

Our experts deliver industry-specific solutions following the best security practices and legal compliances.

If you are concerned about strangers visiting and want to invest in the security of your office and employees, reach out to us. We will be happy to provide you with the best visitor management software solutions catering to advanced security.