Artificial Intelligence in Android App Development

Technology evolution is now making way for innovation in Android app development. The latest emerging technology to change Android apps is Artificial intelligence. AI is a technology allowing Android developers to build apps providing highly contextual and personalized experiences.

AI for app development can be an expensive proposition. It is important to work with Android App Development Company to help you leverage benefits of technologies, maintain and manage apps for optimum performance.
Artificial intelligence is the change and that way ahead, here is one prediction that can make your future, global market value of AI is will cross 17 billion US dollars by the end of 2020.

Google is also promoting AI and released the AI based toolkit to aid the Android developers to come up with apps easily and smoothly.

In order to take you app to the next level, it is important to hire dedicated android app developer to integrate AI into Android apps. This will help satisfy the requirements of customers in quicker and easier ways. This infographic provides details of the role of Artificial intelligence in Android app development.

Artificial Intelligence in Android App Development

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