One of the biggest takeaways of this WWDC 2016 meet was the announcement of iOS10 and its exciting new features. Since then, Apple users are finding it difficult to hold on their patience to start using the new operating system. iOS 10 release has definitely come as a good news to all Apple users!

This time, Apple has given a special attention to messaging experience and personalized it to a great extent. Apart from iMessages, you can expect to see redesigned Maps, customized photo gallery and the power of Siri that can work with ‘n’ number of apps.

After the release of iOS 10, everyone is seems to be busy talking about their new experience. It’s hard to stop thinking about the extraordinary messaging features of iOS 10, isn’t it? Let’s discuss in detail about the iMessage experience and understand why people are going gaga over it.

Scribble in your own Handwriting

What connects you more to your friend than a handwritten note or message? Typing and sending text messages in the same font makes the chat monotonous after a time. Handwritten messages have a special touch of the sender, which makes the receiver feel valued.

Send Animated Wishes

Rule out those boring ways of sending birthday or anniversary wishes with the excitement level taken a step up by iMessage. Users can add animations along with the wishes to create a special message look for the receiver. Think of your friend sending you a “Happy Birthday” message with balloons that go over the entire screen. Wouldn’t that add to the happiness on your special day?

Secretive Photos and Messages

Blindfolding is a thing of past, invisible ink the new trend! Create suspense by sending photos or messages in an invisible ink. A simple swipe is all that is required to reveal the secret.

Tapback for Quick Response

Reply to messages at once with Tapback feature of iOS 10. Tap on the messages you want to reply to and select from six quick responses to convey your message in short. Replying to messages is now possible even in busy work schedules with quick messages at bay!

Give your Personal Touch

Enjoy your chatting experience by sending fireballs, heartbeats, sketches and more to your loved ones. You can even draw over videos and express your feelings. Such customization effects in messages are loved by one and all.

Expressive Message Bubbles

Have you ever experienced difficulty in expressing your emotions to the desired level through messages? Many people have felt the lack of this quotient in messages, which is why Apple has now come up bubbles that pop up in accordance to what you feel.

You can now say it loud or shout by sending bubbles that pop up big on the receiver’s screen. In the same way, there is an option to convey a soft message or whisper.

Replace Text with Emoji

Write a message and swap out words with emoji through relevant predictions. Using long words in chats is an old school method. Ditch them with emoji suggestions for each possible word and start chatting in the ‘cool way’.

Power of Siri

iOS 10 unleashes the power of Siri, which was used at the minimal rate till date. iOS 10 allows sending voice commands that are now supported for an array of apps such as messaging, photo search, making phone calls, booking rides and making online payments.

In order for your app to accept Siri commands, you will have to give Siri access to it in the settings menu.

Redesigned Maps for Convenience of Users

Maps now take restaurant table bookings as well as cab bookings by integrating with the respective app. Smart proactive suggestions from Maps cannot be underestimated for the fact that they suggest you the fastest route to reach your preferred destination.

This redesigned Map of iOS 10 lets you know about your surroundings in better way by informing about approaching gas stations, food joints and cafes along your way.

Rich Media: Photos and Music

iOS 10 organizes your songs in a systematic manner to make it look neat and tidy. The simple and intuitive design leaves no room for distraction and allows you to read the lyrics while the song is being played.

Search for photos in your iPhone or iPad like never before by names or things present in it. For example, search for your long weekend by the beach photo by querying your search with the word ‘beach’. Life is sorted with such flexibilities and convenience!

Summing it up

iOS 10 has a host of new features to look forward to, messaging being at forefront for chat lovers. Experience iOS10 at first hand to feel the convenience and get practical know-how of its features.

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