Tools for iPhone App Development

iPhone is one of the highest selling mobile devices, so there is a huge demand for unique and innovative iPhone apps. Many youngsters want to become an iPhone apps developer as it is a cool way to monetize your work. People having very small or even no knowledge of coding are also looking forward to enter the industry.

There are many tools available in the market which help developing iPhone apps even if the developer is not an expert programmer. Some of these tools have been outlined here.


It is a browser-based tool designed to help the users make their own iPhone app quickly and easily. It follows the simple WYSIWYG approach for app development. This tool does not require the developer to have the knowledge of coding. It is quite reputed among thousands of app developers who have successfully created iPhone apps for the growth of their business.

Some features of the tool include push notifications, location- aware GeoRSS, custom CSS and JavaScript capabilities. The tool is absolutely free to use, however a subscription fee ($79 per month per app) provides 100% control of the app and access to more advanced features of the tool. It works on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


This tool offers an online service which allows to develop an iPhone app even without the knowledge of coding. It offers pre-created templates which can be customized with different background images and custom icons as per the developer’s choice.

First of all, the developer needs to select the category of the app (Restaurant, Retail, Business, etc.), then decide the buttons to be included (Menu, Directions, Map, etc.). The tool offers four-, six- and eight-button packages, all including a one-time set-up fee of $50 for each button. Also, there is a $25 monthly hosting fee to keep the app live at the app store.


This app builder is designed specially for small businesses, community groups and professional service organizations. It enables the user to choose from numerous customizable templates and create apps for various mobile platforms. Developers can also use their own graphics or choose images from the online gallery of the company.

A special feature of this tool is its ability to house an email distribution list that notifies the end users to download the app once it becomes available. Buildanapp touts an easy six step process to create simple applications. For a more complex app ,the BuildAnApp team offers a ‘build it for you’ service that costs from $19 to $499 with several additional features.

These are some of the best app builder tools available for developing and customizing an iPhone app. These tools may help you create an innovative app that truly helps to grow your business and expand your client base. You will get all this on your own even without a technical background.

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