Millions of websites are there on the Internet and hundreds of others are being made everyday. However, not all of them are noticed and revisited by the users. For a website to get more and more users, it is must have an eye-catchy and striking design that appeals to users. An informal user turns into a regular user, if he likes to spend time on the site. There are numerous trends which the web designers follow while designing a website. So let us see some of the most popular website design trends of this year.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design is an approach that allows the design and development of a website to respond as per the user’s behavior. It allows a website to adjust its settings in case of screen size, platform and orientation. This practice includes of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and CSS media queries. As the user switches from a PC to a tablet, the website automatically switches itself to adjust the resolution, image size and scripting abilities of the tablet. In short, we can say that, the website should have the capability to automatically react to the user’s actions. This would obviate the requirement of a different design and development of a website for each new gadget entering the market.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a new web designing trend that makes your website much more interesting visually. It makes navigation simple and also adds a little personality and fun to your website. It is perfect for the businesses who want these kinds of traits to be emphasized. Adding parallax scrolling can make your web page come alive. It is creativity with maximum output, and it puts the user one step ahead of the competitors who could be lacking flair design-wise.


Typography is an integral part of any website’s design. In fact, it is around 95 percent part of web designing. Due to this amazing web designing trend, designers have a wide range of fonts available to select from. Thanks to this web designing element, you can see numerous different designs, styles and fonts in buttons and headings of the websites.

We have indeed entered a new era of Web design and development. Numerous other and of course nice, options are available for us. Furthermore, there will be many more in the future to continue adjusting and creating customized solutions for each screen size, device and progress in technology.

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