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Solution approach

Solution approach

Industry Education


Region USA

of Problem

  • Increase awareness, knowledge & skills of educators regarding social-emotional learning
  • Collaboration between educators, families, and community to address the learning skills of students
  • Improve educational practices directed towards learning improvements
  • Provide tools & resources to educators to help improve learning skills
  • Develop a culture of learning competencies i.e. self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, & responsible decision making


  • Academic Improvement
  • Improved classroom behavior
  • Ability to care for themselves
  • Early Identification of problems
  • Better social Interactions
  • Improved test scores, grades & attendance

Background Work

  • 30 K8 schools spread across different school districts of the USA were selected for running a survey to implement the pilot. The survey included Educators, Students, Teachers, & Parents.
  • This survey involved an extensive collection of data through interviews of key stakeholders related to the schools
  • Various assessments were conducted that would result in the identification of areas that were to be covered through the implementation.
  • Learning methods together with the student’s behavior was closely monitored.
  • Extensive research on readily available market tools was done to identify the direction of the proposed solution.

Key Findings

  • Discarded the learning
    implementation due
    to lack of process
    & planning

    05 Lack of process & planning schools

  • Refused due to the
    belief that learning is
    still in the early stages
    of development

    08 Early stages of development schools

  • Did not have an
    action plan for
    implementing learning

    27 Implementing Learning schools

  • Did not have the
    tools or resources to
    implement learning

    23 Tools or resources schools

  • Teachers

    needed of learning skills development
    more than the students

  • Obstacles & barriers

    to effective implementation of learning
    was also explored

  • Elementary schools

    were doing better as compared to
    middle schools in terms of learning

The Challenges

  • Mixed results 01

    results of the study

  • Lack of
    learning awareness of

    Lack of learning 02

  • Lack of Software 03

    Lack of
    Software usage experience

  • No
    standard tools for

    No standard 04

  • Risk of acceptance 05

    Risk of acceptance

  • No
    monitoring process for

    No monitoring 06


Over 20+ years Hidden Brains has established itself as one of the top Educational software development companies in India. Our work includes numerous ed-tech solutions that have helped and continue to help students, teachers, educators, parents, society, consulting houses, training centers, and enterprises in need of training solutions.

  • 17+ years of experience

    17+ years

    of experience
  • Expertise in EdTech solutions

    Expertise in

    innovative EdTech solutions
  • 10+ Across countries

    10+ Across

    countries - Solutions implemented
  • Experience in multiple education segments

    Diverse experience

    in multiple education segments
  • Corporate & curricular learning solutions

    Corporate &

    curricular learning solutions
  • Covering learning, teaching, assessments & infrastructure

    Covering learning,

    teaching, assessments & infrastructure

The Solution

A solution built that aims at learning implementation with features and resources for Educators, District Leaders, School Leaders, Teachers, Students & Parents.

Learning Assessment Tool

An algorithm developed after intensive research involving the R&D department of a university, data scientists, and educators. Intended for teachers to identify the lacking areas of learning competencies for self and the students.

Goal Setting Tool

A drag & drop tool to help teachers to set the goals for a class for an academic year based on the assessment of teacher and students both.

Evaluation Tool

Intended to evaluate a class and student’s performance on the learning competencies over the academic year and helps setting up the goals for the upcoming year.

learning Curriculum

A well-designed curriculum was prepared to focus on learning competencies specific to targeted K8 students. This involved VARK (Video, Audio, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic) curriculum building. Fun elements were added through custom characters designed considering the personality types of the teachers and students based on assessments during an academic year.


Adaptive learning was implemented based on the goal setting for a class that helped teachers focus on required areas within the competencies of a class. The curriculum was blended into the LMS to focus on fun learning for the students and directing the teachers towards the goal through sequential activities against each unit that belong to a competency.

Parent Connection

Focused on helping parents to track the progress of students communicated via sending the student performance reports through the tool. This tool also helps implement learning beyond the classroom by sending activities to parents for home..

PD Tool

The personnel development tool is intended for teachers to learn tips & tricks for implementing the learning. Ability to get certifications & earn badges by the teachers too.

Survey Tool

Helps to collect & analyze the data from various sources, focused on improving the learning implementations across the schools.

learning Library

An extensive library with PDfs, Audio, Video, and podcasts was built to generate awareness among various stakeholders for the learning.


The multi-tenant platform was built that caters to multiple schools through the platform having license based subscriptions for the schools based on several students & teachers.



tion in 25 Schools
across 6 districts
Successful implementation

academic involvement of
Increased academic

Improvement of teacher-parent
Teacher-parent relationship

Reduction in bullying in schools Reduction

in learning Competency Skills
of Teachers
Skills of Teachers

100% learning
culture established in 25
Learning culture

in grades of students
Grades of students

What Next

After a successful pilot across 25 schools, the next steps involved
expanding the scope to cover more schools across multiple districts as
well as expanding the solution by adding enhanced features
intended for K-12 students instead of just K-8.

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