Solving Real World Problems Through Technology

How a journey started with saving a business through solving real world problem, ended with a technology solution complementing the business growth in folds.
for Kids

The Background

MASA is a well established Martial Arts studio with over 20 years of experience in this field. After many years following the "normal" way of training children, they began reviewing the process and the digital platform to take it to the next level.

At that point, they approached Hidden Brains to provide a robust front end solution for the Martial Arts Trainers, Students and Parents to manage their day to day roles during thetraining classes, progress of students and additional trainingrequired to go to next level across multiple studios in Australia.

The Product

The MASA Kidz Club® program is a unique "plugin" program for any Martial Arts Studio of any style: Existing or Startups that provides a deep reward system of badges and incentives, 10 years of training curriculums and ongoing personal consulting.

The aim is to create a professional global team and support martial arts studio across Australia. The system has already proven to be successful in our own Studio at capacity with over 500 active

students. This solution provides a clear pathway for student's success from the age of 3.5 - 14 years for creating a strong foundation.

The Pain Areas

Low internet connectivity led to interruption in using the application.

Management of multiple studios, their trainers, students, parents required a robust back end.

The Hidden Brains Solution

Introducing the
offline features

Identifying the scenarios & features that required offline support.

Identifying the user entities with greater impact.

Implementing offline support across key platforms and features.

Architecture &
Database design

Detailed analysis of existing complex data structure.

Data mapping & database design to support data migration.

Architecture designed to supports millions of data sets.


Value additions resulting in existing process improvements.

Solid UI/UX design for global acceptance.

Integrated custom CRM for collaboration.

Strong Database Design & Architecture

The Journey

the vision to bring a
Dream to Reality

A Year Back - Client approached HB and shared their vision and expectations for the dream project that was really close to their heart.

Our team gave a proposal to showcase as how this Dream can be brought to Reality which immediately connected with their vision and we got the go ahead to start the project.

of a

Our skilled team of Business Analysts & UI/UX expert started researching for the best user experience, noting down queries to clarify from client before the start of wireframes or static prototype.

Once all queries were answered and the client was happy with the flow - we started creating the wireframes, documenting the user stories & detailed feature with all business rules.

Living the

After the sign off and feedback from client - the team jumped on to development and started building the product as per the plan.

Daily scrum calls, update to client on regular basis, weekly demos and incorporating their feedback led to a smooth process of development without any hiccups.

Flexibility shown by team to incorporate new features and addons during the development eased the collaboration b/w us and the client

Regression QA Testing throughout the product development led to a robust product with high quality

The Business Impact

Through Hidden Brains value additions during the course of development, the whole platform was converted into a multi-tenant platform. We also contributed in creating a business model for other studio owners to use the platform. This resulted in business growth of the customer in folds.


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