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If your app is running on Parse as the backend platform, you need to find Parse alternative as is discontinuing its BAAS solution in January 2017. Hidden Brains team can help you ease the migration process from Parse. We offer end-to-end Parse migration services, right from consulting, identifying the best hosting solution for your business needs, APIs and database migration process to preparing code and performing the migration process.

You can trust Hidden Brains, a leading offshore mobile app development as your reliable partner for efficient and seamless migration to Parse alternative.

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Why Partner with Hidden Brains for Parse Migration Services?

At Hidden Brains, we will help you identify and choose best hosting solution and guide you throughout the entire Parse Migration process. Our team of expert developers will review your existing app code and make code changes to prepare for the Parse migration process. At Hidden Brains, we will help you backup your database periodically, minimize the risk of another app ruining your app performance, as well as modify or refine indexes for most complex queries

We provide a tailored and streamlined migration process to ensure that your code follows the industry best practices relating to security. You can leave all your worries to us as our team does the hard work so that you can enjoy developing mobile app features.