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Layr, the Atlanta, Georgia based trailblazing insurtech startup, singlehandedly revolutionizes the commercial insurance landscape for small businesses in the United States.

100+Insurance Brokers
100,000+Live and Active Customers
10+ Insurance Coverage Type

Layr, the Atlanta, Georgia based trailblazing insurtech startup, singlehandedly revolutionizes the commercial insurance landscape for small businesses in the United States.

Their cutting-edge cloud insurance platform empowers entrepreneurs by automating the arduous process of sourcing, purchasing, and managing business insurance. Powered by artificial intelligence, Layr's platform offers tailored policy recommendations, matches companies with the ideal coverage, and accurately predicts carrier pricing. With Layr, business owners gain access to a self-service portal that simplifies insurance-related tasks, allowing them to secure customized insurance on their own terms.

Enhance Layr's competitiveness, efficiency,
and customer satisfaction in the insurance

With the focus on stabilizing and scaling their outdated and unstable legacy V2 system while simultaneously developing a new, robust V3 system using updated technology. The goal was to alleviate customer pain points, particularly in the areas of quotation, and streamline their operations. Enhance Layr's competitiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the insurance market.

Pain Areas of Layr

  • Current Legacy portal (V2) was outdated and unstable. Full of bugs and Performance issues.
  • A lot of processes were still handled manually due to lack of smart and intuitive features in the portal.
  • Outdated UX hindering user experience with clunky design.
  • No useful data insights to make better business decisions.
  • Scattered data across different platforms like QuickBooks, Help scout, out of system data files.
  • Unavailability of real-time data insights.
  • Limited support for branding and marketing.
  • Layr was not able to achieve their full business potential due to this.
  • Unable to scale with the growing business and the demands of newly
    onboarded partners.

Development Hurdles


Without compromising the
live environment

  • Stabilize legacy system
  • Resolve existing bugs
  • Improve the efficiency

While maintaining the legacy

  • Develop a robust serverless system
  • Implement intuitive UI/UX
  • Introduce state-of-the-art features


  • Integrate cutting-edge 3rd Party tools
  • Develop a versatile eco-system
  • Real-time data syncs

A Step in the Right Direction


Hidden Brains demonstrates
empathy towards businesses,
understanding their needs
and challenges.


With a customer-centric
outlook, Hidden Brains
prioritizes the satisfaction
and success of their clients.


Hidden Brains boasts a
strong technical team with
expertise in various domains.


With decades of experience,
Hidden Brains brings a wealth of
knowledge and insights to their


Hidden Brains delivers high-quality
solutions, ensuring excellence in
every aspect.


Hidden Brains embraces
innovation, driving transformative
solutions with new technologies.


Hidden Brains has a proven track
record, earning trust and
satisfaction across diverse


Hidden Brains fosters collaborative
partnerships, aligning solutions
with client goals.


Hidden Brains promotes
continuous learning, delivering
cutting-edge solutions with
updated expertise.

Hidden Brains Action Plan

Initial Partnership
Hidden Brains recognized Layr's potential and challenges, impressing them with their customer-centric outlook, technical expertise, experience, and commitment to quality.
Team Formation
Hidden Brains assembled a cross-functional team of experts, including Program Managers, Project Managers, Technical Managers, Developers, QAs, BAs, and Designers.
Analysis and Requirement Gathering
Hidden Brains conducted a detailed analysis of Layr's system and acquired subject matter expertise in the US business insurance industry.
Work Division and Targeted Focus
Hidden Brains divided the work into V2, V3, and Integration teams, ensuring efficient development and addressing pain points with active collaboration.
Taking Over the Lead Developer Role
Hidden Brains seamlessly took over from Layr's lead developer, ensuring continuity and leveraging their expertise.
Regular Stable Releases
Hidden Brains delivered stable releases every fortnight for 8 months, following an agile development approach.
Automation and Efficiency
Hidden Brains reduced manual work by 47% through automation testing, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.
System Performance Optimization
Hidden Brains optimized system performance by 300% through query optimization techniques, delivering a seamless user experience.
Achieving Security Certifications
Hidden Brains assisted Layr in obtaining SOC 1 and SOC 2 certifications, implementing necessary security measures for data protection.

Through these step-by-step efforts, Hidden Brains successfully developed a
software solution for Layr that addressed their pain points, improved efficiency, optimized performance, and ensured compliance with security

Value Addition

Collaboration with Vendor Company
  • Hidden Brains collaborated with a vendor company that Layr had hired to
    work on the project.
  • This collaboration ensured effective coordination and integration of
    efforts between the two teams.
  • Hidden Brains and the vendor company worked together to align their
    activities and deliverables, fostering a seamless working relationship.
Assisting Layr in Hiring a Captive Team
  • Hidden Brains assisted Layr in finding talent for their own captive team.
  • They provided assessment-based benchmarks to evaluate potential
    candidates, ensuring a high standard of talent acquisition.
  • Hidden Brains actively participated in the interviewing process,
    leveraging their expertise to identify suitable candidates.
Seamless Transition for the Incoming Layr Team
  • Hidden Brains facilitated a seamless transition for the incoming Layr
  • They ensured that the team was onboarded smoothly and provided
    necessary guidance and support during the transition period.
  • Hidden Brains equipped the Layr team with the required knowledge and
    resources, empowering them to function autonomously.
Data Migration from V2 Portal to V3 Portal
  • Hidden Brains orchestrated and implemented the critical data migration
    from Layr's V2 portal to the new V3 portal.
  • They carefully planned and executed the migration process to ensure the
    integrity and accuracy of the data.
  • The data migration was conducted seamlessly, minimizing any disruption
    to Layr's operations and ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.

Hidden Brains demonstrated their commitment to supporting Layr's growth and success by collaborating with the vendor company, assisting in team hiring, facilitating a seamless transition, and orchestrating data migration.

Technology Stack

step-functionsStep functions Sonar Cloud Sonar cloud AWS AWS Amplify AWS S3AWS S3 AWS CloudfrontAWS Cloudfront AWS CognitoAWS Cognito AWS APIAWS API Gateway
Step functions Step functions Sonar cloud Sonar cloud AWS Amplify AWS Amplify AWS S3AWS S3 AWS CloudfrontAWS Cloudfront AWS CognitoAWS Cognito AWS API GatewayAWS API Gateway
cypressCypress - Test Automation jest Jest Framework AWS Cloud Formation AWS Cloud Formation AWS Event BusAWS Event Bus AWS LambdaAWS Lambda SOC I and SOC IISOC I and SOC II TerraformTerraform
Cypress Test AutomationCypress - Test Automation Jest Framework Jest Framework AWS Cloud Formation AWS Cloud Formation AWS Event BusAWS Event Bus AWS LambdaAWS Lambda SOC I and SOC IISOC I and SOC II TerraformTerraform

Core Features


Custom Agency

With Layr V3, agencies can create their own unique portals with their branding and subdomain, making it easy to manage clients and build trust.


This smart feature autobinds policies on payment success, making the policy issuance process quick and hassle-free.

with Hubspot

Layr V3 integrates with Hubspot, giving agencies the power to manage inbound marketing, sales, and customer service with ease.

Multiple User

You can add multiple user entities to manage various roles within the platform, providing flexibility and customization.

Improved Technology

Layr V3 is built on a new technology stack that can manage complex features and data reliably.

Fresh New

The platform has a fresh new look and a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use.


Layr V3 has a serverless architecture, which means it's highly scalable and cost-effective.


Layr V3 comes packed with cutting-edge features that help you stay ahead of the game.


Layr offers solid third-party integrations with carrier aggregators, Anvil API, Ascend, and more.

Smart Proposal Forms

Layr V3 offers smart proposal forms that gather customer data and provide real-time quotes from third-party carrier aggregators.


Integration with Anvil API allows you to generate ACORD forms easily and seamlessly.


With integration with Ascend, you can manage payments, record them, and produce invoicing for the same.

Don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of Layr V3! Layr V3 is the ultimate platform for agencies that offers a range of exciting features, including custom agency portals,
smart proposal forms, ACORD form generation, payment management, and much more.

Let’s Talkwest

Third Party Tools

hubsport HubSpot
platform AMS Platform
aircall Aircall
ascend Ascend
stripe Stripe
quickbooks Quickbooks
fullStory FullStory
coterie Coterie
market Markel
helpscout Helpscout

Client Testimonial

Hidden Brains cared about our business & success. It was that caring which made us realize that
Hiddenbrains was going to be the company that we can trust for our difficult journey of

comma-icon When we were first looking for partner to help us through a very difficult transformation as a company. We spoke with dozen of different essential partners who were all technically competent in their own way. But we were looking for the company which can help us through and then our team decided to go ahead with Hidden Brains because of the love of empathy & understanding that was expressed for our business which impressed everybody.

And that proved to be true in the 8 months that we being working with Hiddenbrains. Time and again we found that people we worked with cared about our company, purr people, you have been responsive when we needed the response. You raised the level of engineering, expectation of company hands now. Our business problem have been through the results, to the point where is really changed their attitude about what was possible with the platform & we actually looking for the change & so for everything in this company is done for our business for every moment you listen to our challenges & fairly great resolve and achieved later in timely manner.

Let’s get in touch

“Easy to deal with, excellent service and prompt response to changes and enhancements during our app and website development.”

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