• Built for
  • Technologies iOS | Android | Blackberry
  • Industry Business directory
  • Country United Arab Emirates

Search the business listings

All the businesses available within the users’ selected location area would be displayed. The users can also search via keyword. If the user selects “Current GPS location”, the business listings would be displayed according to the users’ location.


Exciting AND awesome features
that help the users win prizes and gifts.

  • Search

    The users can search for the businesses

  • Favorites

    Add the business to favorites and view the details later

  • MAPS

    Map feature helps the users view businesses that are nearby to one’s location


    Users can receive the gifts from various businesses.

  • Scan QR CODE

    The app has a QR code to access the details

Instant digital mobile scratch and win promotions

Engage the customers by creating Scratch and Win promos. The users can play and win the prizes.

The free mobile app engages and interests the customers on their smartphones. They can play Scratch and win games. The users get real-time information about the deals and promotions.

Detailed information about the businesses available to the users. The contact details, working hours, gallery, deals, etc. details are displayed.

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