Our client wanted us to build a cloud-based app to allow users to keep track of daily expenses. This utility app lets users to take a picture of receipts and credit card statements with smart phone for future reference.

Xpenditure App: Simplifying Expenditure Management


This expense reporting app allows users to scan and digitize receipts, anytime, anywhere. User can seamlessly manage all expenses at a single click with an online account expenses report.

Scan & Digitize your Receipts at a Single Click

Xpenditure lets users to take pictures of receipts and scan information such as merchant name, purchase amount, transaction date, and currency. This app also creates categories, projects, trips and expense rules.

Automatically Match Credit Card Statements with Expenses

This app was built to be incredibly easy-to-use by allowing users to effortlessly manage expenses, advances, mileages and time tracking. Users can also take a picture of credit card statement and Xpenditure simply matches expenses with transactions.

Key Features
  • Receipt scanning
  • Expense creation
  • Time and mileage tracking
  • Real time expense overview
  • Integration with popular accounting software

Xpenditure provides real time expense overview for CFOs. It applies smart filters to generate expense reports per category, project and payment method. Users can submit expenses and receipts via mail, webcam, Dropbox, and Evernote. Xpenditure also offers flawless integration with popular accounting software.

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