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Xpenditure is a cloud based app that helps the users can register and keep a track of their expenses easily. We have created the app to help users generate expense reports. Take a picture of receipts with a smart phone and save them for future reference. This popular app is just perfect for business travelers, sales people, consultants, etc.

Money Management App Compatible With Any Device


Digitize your receipts using your smartphne Xpenditure reads out all data like amount, merchant, VAT,... Manage your expenses through your online account Generate expense reports with asingle click

Digitize your receipts and generate expense reports at a single click.

Users can click the pictures of the receipts and scanner would read out relevant information such as the name of the merchant, purchase amount, transaction date, currency used, etc. The information will be stored automatically in the users’ account and an expense report would be created. Xpenditure will help the employees, self-employed workers and accountants make expense reports easily. An easy to use expense reporting tool.

Being compatible with Blackberry devices

This expense reporting app helps you save a lot of time and money. It is incredibly easy to use. The users can use their online account and manage their expenses, advances, mileages and time tracking.

  • Receipt scanning
  • Expense creation
  • Time tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Accounting integrations
  • Credit card matching

Just take a picture of the receipt or invoice with your mobile phone and Xpenditure will extract all the relevant data. Matching between receipts and transactions happens automatically.

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