It takes too much of money, efforts and time to create a website that matches your expectations and business needs. Websites are expected to be visited by more number of people once your brand has made it big. Speed and non-functionality can become serious challenges, if not addressed. Ideally, a website should have all the basic parameters - availability, reliability, scalability, performance and manageability. With any of these aspects not responding, your business is likely to suffer huge loss. However, with the new-age scalability and performance tuning solutions, we can help you overcome website performance issues.

At Hidden Brains, we provide highly optimized, functional and scalable websites with reduced memory consumption and increased performance. We have proven experience in developing highly cost-effective scalable web applications

Our Website Scalability Solutions Span

  • Audit and analysis of existing website for its- Availability, Reliability, Performance, Scalability, Manageability and Maintenance Cost
  • Complete architectural analysis
  • Best strategies to scale up your website based on our assessment
  • Architectural-level suggestions such as creating separate layers for database, static content, web application etc.
  • Optimization of web server - Apache optimization, Ngnix, Light HTTP
  • Database optimization- MYSQL server optimization, Query optimization, Query Tuning, creating indexes with replications, sharding etc.
  • Integration with third party search engines such as Lucene-Solr, Sphinx etc
  • Performance tuning of web applications
  • Performance engineering or profiling
  • Compressing techniques
  • Implementation of caching strategy
  • Load balancing (Horizontal or Vertical scaling as per the analysis), if required
  • CDN integration
  • Distributed computing such as Hadoop, if required
  • Identifying the bottlenecks and eliminating them

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Business Values

Reaching out to the right people and eventually growing their business with extensive IT services
  • Website consulting and strategy
  • Highly optimized and scalable website
  • Enhanced business impact
  • Easy to manage websites- full control of the website content and design to make changes
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Cost-effective scalable website solutions
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Reduced loading time & ability to handle more visitors

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Dawood Fard

Mr. Dawood Fard - Our flexible, accommodating approach and high caliber project delivery impressed him very much.

Joseph Blogna

Joseph Blogna - Our high quality graphics delivery and smooth gaming experience impressed him the most.

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