When the scope of work is not predetermined and there is no time estimation to complete the task, Time and Material Pricing Models is an apt choice. This model allows you to pay for the number of hours for which the work is done and the amount of work accomplished. It is a wise decision to go ahead with this model if you have no clue about the required time and scope of work.

At Hidden Brains, our experts define realistic pattern for your advantage. After thorough coordination and analysis, we chart out the requirements and develop the scope of work and estimated time required to complete the job. However, depending on the task, time taken to deliver may reduce or extend and that will be notified to the client. In whichever case, customers are kept duly informed and updated with all the developments, current status, and reports. Cent percent transparency is ensured with the client while performing the task. Besides, you can add or reduce the number of resources based on your needs and only pay for the specified work completed.

In this model, clients have greater control over the project, and there is minimal risk involved. The best advantage of this model over others is that it offers immense transparency and opportunities to build more trust between both the parties.

Pricing models

Hidden Brains understands that pricing plays a key role when deciding on your service providers.