Test Driven Development (TDD) is another Agile software development process that depends on the repetitive short development cycle. To make the process simple, the developer initially writes an automated test case to define a desired improvement. Later, develops minimum code only to pass the test and eventually refactors the latest code to the acceptable standards. Thus, Test Driven Development inspires confidence by advocating simple designs and solutions.

TDD improves the quality of the team’s extensive verification resulting in better testability and extensibility in line with the project requirements. Unlike the traditional approach, Test Driven Development requires frequent running of tests throughout the development process. This follows a ‘loop back’ flow of information from the developers to the system under development and again, back to the developer.

Test Driven Development helps organizations to make easy changes to their applications without breaking the application and their daily operations. This is because, these testing modules are built into this continuous integration development models.

Get the Hidden Brains advantage by unique test coverage and streamlined codebase which can be easily maintained and is extensible. Other great benefits of TDD that you can only get in Hidden Brains are clean interface, and executable documentation aided with refactoring process which encourage improvements.

Test-Driven Development gives our clients the power to update their software easily to address new business needs or other unanticipated variables. It is the methodology that enhances the flexibility to add new functionality and make changes in technical infrastructure.

Development models

To achieve defined goals and results within deadlines and budget, development methodology plays an important role.