Endless Runner Game

Get immersed in a new exciting adventure with this addictive ‘endless running game’ for a thrilling experience. This game lets you collect Hitcoins and redeem points to avail non-resistive offers. Super Coin Rush game is all about fun and excitement with a touch of dash.

Storyboarding & Inspiration:

Super Coin Rush game is a brain child of our team. Storyboards and brainstorming allowed us to shape the vision and flow of endless running game dedicated to help clients bridge the gap by earning H(B)itcoins rewards.

Aha! Don’t mistaken Hitcoins for another popular cryptocurrency. Inspirations came over so strongly and vividly. An idea that came over cups of coffees and endless brainstorming was now taking shape.

Our team imagined a character who would walk with Clients to earn benefits while playing the game in the journey of tech innovation.

But what would this character look like? Our team and creative artists explored several options :

  • A menacing looking guy? Nah!
  • A Macho Man? Hmmm
  • A mischievous kid inviting you to play and win? Definitely Yes!

Slowly but surely, our artists drew up different concepts, narrowing with each and every iteration, bringing us close to our idea.

It was Moby, a mischievous kid with subtle innocence.

This little kid is at forefront of change, with a refreshing approach to help earn Hitcoins rewards and transform ideas.
So get ready to

Play. Win. Earn. Redeem


Super Coin Rush challenges your reflexes forcing you to use jumps, slides and swipes mechanics to avoid obstacles.

Play, Win Hitcoins & Redeem

Accumulate Hitcoins & redeem Special Offers.

Lightning Fast Game Play.

Race through the heritage city on lightning fast game play with endless action with different levels and speed.

This holiday season feel the adrenaline rushing through your body as you dive deeper in this electrifying game.

Have a Playful New Year