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This iOS based app is created to lull toddlers to sleep. The interactive graphics and playful characters make kids to fall in love with the app. The visual clock help children to understand the difference between day and night.


  • Set different custom time for wake up and bed time
  • Animated Bear to show wake up and bed time
  • Soothing music for alarms
  • Enable / disable music

Concept & Market Stats


The best way to wake up with soothing music and animated teddy bear creating a perfect environment for the toddler. Children also learn how to go bed, with soothing music, and also go to sleep with the teddy within the app.


Make necessary changes in the settings and select different music for bed and wake up time. Use this screen to alarm making the toddler get used to a particular timings for waking up and sleeping.


Toddler My first meeting with Hidden Brains was very casual and easy going and answered a lot of my initial questions. The whole development process was smooth and working with Project Manager was fantastic. He was understanding, easy to talk to and kept me informed at every step of the process. Having absolutely no experience with apps whatsoever I gave the team a basic idea of what I wanted to achieve and the first draft of the app they showed me was beyond my expectations. It was so much more than what I could have drawn up myself. My overall experience was fantastic. The whole team was extremely friendly and the little personal touches, asking about my son, was touching. Communication was excellent, their professionalism wonderful and the outcome was amazing. I have already recommended Hidden Brains to friends who would also like to develop their own app and i will be definitely using them again for developing my future ideas. Alexandra Clark, Australia

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