Amazingly Addictive Game to Test Your Skills Driving a Car in Reverse Direction

Our client from Australia wanted us to develop a car gaming app which was different from the many racing games available in the market. This gaming app will allow user to drive a car in reverse direction.


This ultimate car driving app for the iPhone allows users to maneuver and control car with high precision using accelerator pedal, D or R (Toggle) and steering wheel.


Key Features

  • User can drive a car in reverse direction, defying the general rules of Physics
  • Different obstacles levels, as well as driving tracks for each level
  • Option to unlock all “expert levels” as in-app purchase
  • Advance levels include adding trolley to the car and reverse driving both car and trolley

Multi-level gaming app with 10 different levels. The obstacles and complexity of game increases as user moves to different levels with the option to purchase and unlock all levels.


Player needs to maneuver the car through different types of obstacles such as Wall, Bumps, Hole and Bridge to unlock each level in a pre-determined time period.

Stunning Graphics with Realistic Tracks and Physics Simulation

Addictive, simple and fast-paced physics-based gaming app that challenges player to drive a trolley attached to car in reverse direction for a tough experience.


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