CashCrunch 101 - The Income & Expense
Game Application

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Our client wanted us to build an income and expense game app built especially for young kids teaching the objective of controlled spending and increasing net worth in an interactive and fun-filled way. The app creates real-life situation in the virtual world that lets kids make mistakes and equip them to face and deal with actual 'cash crunch' situation in real-life.


Key Features

  • A Multilevel Dice game
  • Choose Avatar to your preference
  • Learn to manage expense and income
  • View weekly/ monthly summary to keep track of expense and income
  • Net Worth dial feature to demonstrate current financial health.
  • Expense categorization
  • Financial overview with graphical representation

The Cash Crunch 101 game allows you to choose Avatar as per your preference. Here, user can either choose to help Penny and Sam with their finances or rename the avatar with their name. The game begins with a net worth amount and has 'How to Play' and Help button to help children learn the rules of the game and take right decisions.

The app comes with a number of financial instrument that allows monitoring of performance. You can also make extra income during the game and make use of the OhBoy feature that reflects on your Net Worth income, besides allowing you to view the financial overview with graphical representation.

The player can see the Monthly expenses that reflects the fixed expenses; and on hitting the Push Me button display the earnings for the week. The challenge is to monitor the income and expenses throughout the year (in a game) and keep the score high in 'green' (income).

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