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Actev8 - Opinion Poll App Development

Client is in Web Site Market for last 20 years and His First Travel site was launch in Australia 20 years ago when Internet was hard to available and only 14k speed was available in Australia.

He is owner of Australian Travel and Tourism Networks Company, he also owns another website under same company is He is also very much interested in Photography, Health & boxing. Very lively person with a good clear vision of the goals and open mind to accept all sides of the coin. Getting various challenges and alternatives boosts his energy a lot.


About - Voting Mobile Survey App

  • Categories List of Polls
  • Polls Creation with graphical Results display in admin too
  • Intuitive display of multiple poll results in archive mode
  • 3rd Party Forum Seamless Integration
  • Intuitive News section, with news feeds integration
  • Admin reports that can be summarizing according to categories so that admin can represent and interpret the data

Concept & Market Stats


View list of categories for different polls with options to post poll. Also, view the results of these polls.


Users can manage their privacy by choosing custom updates.

App usage (80% of time) dominates browsers in mobile usage.

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