Bring our project experts directly on your site through Onsite Delivery Model. We put our skilled personnel on your premises to work in line with your in-house team from inception to execution. Our experts take your business to a whole new level by becoming a true business partner and a member of your team. They also provide the value-added services and technological expertise to meet your needs and expectations.

Team Hidden Brains provides the customers with unrivaled personal attention, to develop and implement solutions for various complexities. Suitable for all kinds of projects, big or small – Onsite Delivery Model is perfect where the scope of the project is repetitive and open-ended like most of the process re-engineering related services.

Clients availing Onsite Delivery Models gets added support as throughout the project, our consultants report to an on-site project manager as well as, back to our offices regularly. We offer a plethora of services suiting your needs as well as, lesser time-to-market.

Avail several benefits with our On-Site Delivery models by interacting with the on-site personnel that enables us to get a clear understanding of your expectations. It gives you the much needed peace of mind and desired results. This delivery model also reduces the risks of communication gap and offers minimum chances of amendment during the later stages. Additionally, this model reduces time-to-market involvement.

Delivery models

To achieve defined goals and results within deadlines and budget, development methodology plays an important role.