One of the most successful and popular outsourcing Delivery Model is Offsite/Offshore delivery model. In this case, the service provider’s center will be located near to the client’s premises. The assigned task will be distributed between the offsite center and an offshore development center which can be located in a different country. Under this situation, the offsite center acts as a mediator between the client and their offshore development centers. Depending on the type of work and the available facilities, the tasks are divided between the two teams. Like Hybrid Delivery Model, generally, the offsite team does 20-30% of the work and the rest are done at the offshore center of the service provider.

If you want to outsource to your nearest service provider with a complete control over the development process and simultaneously want to reap great benefits from offshore outsourcing - Offsite/Offshore Delivery Model is the most suitable option. Hidden Brains also gives the clients the flexibility to change their requirements, as and when required with seamless communication with their service providers.

Get maximum benefits from Hidden Brains’ Offsite/Offshore delivery model with fast response time to your business needs and gaining all the merits of Offshore Delivery Model. Besides, get maximum control on your project, that too at affordable costs.

Delivery Models

To achieve defined goals and results within deadlines and budget, development methodology plays an important role.