If you are looking for a service provider around the close vicinity of your office premises, avail our Offsite Delivery Model. This will result into mutual benefits since Hidden Brains, as the service provider will get a better understanding of your requirements. Dueto similar geographical backgrounds, there is also a scope of regular face-to-face interaction which will give faster response time and clearer perception.

Offsite Delivery Model is ideal when the project requirements are not clearly defined and expected to alter during the course of its development. Our Offsite Delivery Model helps us to understand your needs and accommodate those changes quickly and more effectively because of working near to your location.

This delivery model also yields great benefits when customers are unable to expand their facilities and want to accommodate service provider’s team who are located nearby. Offsite Delivery Models caters to both of these needs. It also gives the client an upper hand by playing a significant role in the development process by having sufficient control on the project development process.

If you want to incorporate additional functionality within your existing products or services, Hidden Brains accommodates those requirements which are compatible with your existing set-up. Offsite Delivery Model also gives our clients the advantage of dedicated or on-demand skilled resources. Thus, it leverages your business with a steep reduction in capital costs and flexibility.

With Hidden Brains’ delivery model, you get quicker response to your needs with clear perception and excellent synchronization between our teams and your in-house teams.

Delivery models

To achieve defined goals and results within deadlines and budget, development methodology plays an important role.