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There is a significant population in Nigeria, and many other African countries, who want to purchase western products, but for many years, security issues and logistics made this almost impossible.

Until now, Africans were not been able to purchase directly from the USA and Europe. MallforAfrica facilitates the African citizens with a platform where they can shop directly from foreign e-commerce sites. These purchased items are then shipped to the buyers’ door steps or at one of the local pick up points within days.

MallforAfrica works in partnership with Macy’, BestBuy, and GAP. You can shop using MallforAfrica from your PC or Mobile App which directs to the USA and UK websites faster, easier and more secured. Browse directly on over 70 USA and UK sites, giving you access to over 7.8 billion items. No need for a USA Address, USA Credit Card, or worries of not getting your items. We guarantee all orders. One only needs to shop and the app does all the rest.

Shoppers in Nigeria as well as, Nigerians living abroad who want to ship items home to their families in Africa, MallforAfrica helps them to purchase over 70+ American and European sites with security and safe delivery.

After registration, users can shop, check the promotions, and get the instructions directly from the product. Users can also shop from sites like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon etc through MallforAfrica

MallforAfrica also ships several tons of merchandise to oil-rich Nigeria every month allowing users to pay for goods via prepaid MallforAfrica WebCards. It provides ability to handle all the payments, shipping, currency conversion and duties for both parties.

How it works

  1. Select the site from the list of 70+ website
  2. Search for the item they want and add it to the sites cart
  3. Add items to the sites shopping cart/basket
  4. Checkout & buy items
  5. Enter Login and Password
  6. Select the delivery method and click pay now to complete the transaction
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