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B2B platform for both Buyer
and Trader (seller)

Wholesale Live Bazaar is acting as a B2B Online clothing fashion Marketplace. This application acts as a communication medium between Buyer and Trader.

Similar to WholesaleBox Application Marketplace, the Wholesale Live Bazaar application offers additional features for buying
in real-time in the comfort of the buyer's location.

Discovery & Analysis Wireframe & Prototype
UI Design UX Design Android & iOS App Development
B2B platform for both Buyer and Trader

Business Problem

Live Wholesale Baazaar is the platform for LIFESTYLE RETAIL STORE
(B2B buyer) and MANUFACTURE/TRADER to buy and sell products in REAL TIME.

A platform where BRAND/MANUFACTURER can invite their regular buyers to place orders in the real-time display of their product via LIVE FASHION SHOWS.

LIVE FASHION show will be broadcasted for all brands and the buyer can buy the product in real-time at the comfort of their location.

The event scheduled can be registered well in advance to get the best product from the best BRAND/MANUFACTURER with the best prices.

So now NO NEED to travel and put the effort in the procurement of
the best products.

In other words, now BRAND/MANUFACTURER can reach their maximum buyers at the same time across the globe and can sell
their product without any hassle and huge expenses.

business problem solve

Key Features

An innovative idea launched from HB to attract Buyers with the concept of Video-based selling or a LIVE FASHION
show. The platform helps the sellers to create videos with the list of products they want to sell in the market. On top
of the Video page, the product will allow you to do "Add Cart" which adds the listed products in the Video.

Key Features
Event Discription Signup screen

LWB will benefit both the Buyer & Seller to sustain & thrive in this digital & competitive world.

Target Audience

Bulk Buyers & Individuals (when they prefer to buy set of products).


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Add to cart screen Buyer screen

Results & Achievements

Results & Achievements

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Founder & CEO, Elite Conceptz & Solutionz

I love the flow of the system thus far, I can foresee
us doing great things together in the future.

Kareem Jennings Founder & CEO, Elite Conceptz & Solutionz