Value Stream Mapp

VSMapp is the first app ever which allows a fast process tracking directly from your iPad. One of the lean main techniques is now available on mobile devices and includes new electronic features.

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VSMapp brings on your iPad the white sheet for process mapping. Drag several icons on the map: suppliers, customers, processes, inventories and all what you need for a perfect value stream map. Use the integrated camera to take a picture and link it directly to the item. VSMapp has been invented and implemented by auxiell lean experts to match the needs of anyone who want or have to map processes, such as lean champions, lean officers, lean consultant and Operations managers.

Innovative app’s feature is to avoid transcripts from paper to electronic of the map (NVA activity), without losing instinctiveness and clarity that only a gemba walk can assure. VSMapp is an important 2.0 auxiell tool: not only a digitalized technique but an enrichment of the whole mapping process with iPad media utilities.

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  • VSMapp Simplified Lean process designing
  • VSMapp Drag and Drop Images
  • VSMapp Take Photo and place it as Icons
  • VSMapp Customize the content of icon for each process flow
  • VSMapp Convert Map to PDF and email

Create different projects defining the lean process that comes with UI to design processes and add pre-defined elements. Also, update basic properties such as, rotate, resize etc.


Connect to the design processes and generate the final process. Even, take photos defining the process that is intended to undertake.

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