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The client wanted us to create an app for iOS that helped pet owners manage and track all aspects relating to their pet’s health. KVH MyPet app let users view current medication, monitor multiple pets and maintain a record of pet’s next appointment with the doctor.

KVM Application

Key Features

  • Store pet's information
  • Manage appointments
  • Set reminders for veterinary & vaccination medication
  • Vaccination details
  • Monitor multiple pets
  • Calculate Heart Beat & Respiratory Rate of pet
  • View Water Consumption details for pets

This app allows users to monitor and receive reminders for veterinary medications, vaccinations and appointments. KVH MyPet app also provides features such as Weight Tracker and Vitals Calculator.

KVH MyPet app allows pet owners to Add/Edit/Delete the medications. This app lets pet owners to view prescribed medications with details like Medicine Name, Medicine Image, Dosage, Next Due Date or Time for Consultation.


Measure your Pet's Respiratory Rate

The KVH MyPet app provides simple DIY tips on how to measure pet's Respiratory Rate or Heart Beat. Pet owners can add the respiratory rate and heart beats per minute and save it in the application for easy access. Respiratory Rate Difference is Auto calculated based on the previously added Respiratory rates.

KVH iOS Application

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