Haunted House Apps Features

  • Modify/edit images with filter colors.
  • User login to upload images.
  • Instantly share images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Find list of haunted events.
  • Gallery of shared haunted photos.
  • Display selected haunted tour locations highlighted on map.
  • Choose existing image from Gallery or capture new image.
Alton features

Application allows user to browse Haunts, Tours and events with details. User can add photos of location and mark the location as “haunted.”

Simple way to capture and share images of Alton, Illinois, one of America’s most haunted places.

Haunted Alton app shows Haunts on map based on user’s current location, as well as displays selected event and location details highlighted on map.

App users can customize images with filters for a chilling effect and share instantly on social networking apps. Only registered users can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts.


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