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Google Home Features

Hidden Brains offers services for Google Home, a brand of smart speakers which enable users to speak voice commands and interact with services through Google's intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant.

Our services include developing a voice app to interact with customers and increase outreach to new customers. Whether you have a product or system, we can provide voice integration service as required by implementing Google Actions into large applications.

We can help take your idea to final concept, helping you build a voice app from the very initial level. Our team will leverage latest Google technologies delivered across Android devices as part of Google Play services.

Smart Home

Smart home Actions to help connect, query and control IoT devices through cloud infrastructure.

Google Actions SDK

Google Actions SDK to integrate services and reach users across devices such as Google Home, phones, TVs, headphones and more.


Specialize in Dialogflow to design and build their personal conversational experience.

Key Areas

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