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Good engineering begins with good information.

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Good engineering begins with good information   How do I get gLog?
Accurate Information = Accurate Design
gLog was created by geotechnical engineers with extensive field experience

Drilling statistics
Know how much you are drilling per day.

How much are you drilling? How efficient is the crew? Is the job really on track? The gLog app automatically calculates the drilling statistics that include total depth of drilling, total number of SPT samples taken etc. You can even have your field crew email daily statistics so you can measure their productivity too. Though it is your accuracy and work that constitutes the "work," when it comes to geotechnical drilling, you field crew's level of productivity is directly related to your profits too. Having access to the field statistics and the efficiency of the crew is fundamental to success.

  • Engineers Deserve Accuracy
    Logging soils shouldn't be guesswork

    At gLog, we understand the importance of various parameters that go into your analyses and design. That's why we have designed gLog to help you collect accurate information in the field.

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  • Productivity Matters
    Geotechnical drilling is not cheap

    Gathering all the information you need while in the field is very important. gLog enables your crew to remain productive no matter where they are.

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  • Competitive Advantage
    Competition is fierce. Your firm needs to focus on right things.

    Save dollars on non-engineering activities. Focus on your core strengths. White paper on Competitive Advantage.

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gLog = Competitive Advantage
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