Amateur Betting Website Concept for Entertainment

Our client wanted us to build an iPhone application that will allow user to register and Accept or Reject bet invitations, View Bet details and can also view Players details like how many bets played etc. The app user can also Create a bet, Invite friends and also can Update the results.

  • Built for
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • TechnologiesiPhone
  • CountryAustralia

Key Features

  • Secure User Login
  • Games detail page
  • View current games list
  • Players detail screen
  • Create game feature
  • Invite Friends
  • View invitation list and detail
  • Summary screen & Notification screen
  • User management
  • View game reports

A user can play games and view the detail page after secure login and registration. There is also a disclaimer advisory screen, besides the summary and notification screen.

A user can also create game and invite friends to play. The FriendlyBet app allow users to view invitation list, game list and game detail.

The app user can view list of current games, tap on the game by preference and view game details. Users can also see the players list and choose the player you want to play your bet with.

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