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Key Features

  • Display questions based on user country.
  • Multilingual support – English, Arabic, Spanish, French.
  • iTunes auto subscription payment for monthly subscription.
  • User can play puzzle-game by answering questions.
  • Calculate rank of users based on score.
  • Auto post user score on Facebook account.
  • Daily user get one free game/question, the subsequent games are paid.
  • Option to purchase package for 'hint' while playing game.
Daily Quest Daily Quest

The App firstly gives users the choice to select team that mainly represents a country. Here new question set is generated based on server time zone. User gets to answer 10 questions on daily basis and earns points on correct answer.

Daily Quest
Daily Quest

Player need to answer those question that are either Image Recognition or Multiple Choice question to earn the points. More questions can be bought on subscription package, including ‘hints’ to questions.

The app is integrated with a Leader Board (not iTunes game center leaderboard) that allow users to view the highest scorer amongst players and can view team based and global score, where team belongs to a country, and each country can have only one team.

Daily Quest Daily Quest Daily Quest
Daily Quest

The Flag War app allow the quiz game players to change profile, language as per preference and even auto- post Leadership scores to Facebook.

The player can also calculate rank of users based on soccer. Moreover, the application gives auto-renewable subscription to users on a monthly basis.

Daily Quest Daily Quest

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