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Sharing genuine information of huge discounts and Savings among the users

Plurro is an iOS based app sharing genuine information of huge discounts and savings among the users across the USA. It is an easily manageable and expandable online solution that work efficiently on a range of software and hardware, completed with absolute security with an aim of saving consumers’ money whilst generating more revenue for the merchants.

  • Start or join a Cash Mob
  • Inform everyone about the Cash Mob with one simple click
  • Go to favorite business and interact with others who love the brand and save money
  • Repeat every single day

Concept & Market Stats

Overall, eMarketer estimates, US retail mcommerce sales will reach nearly $39 billion in 2013, up 56.5% over 2012 and almost triple the amount spent in 2011. This includes products and services ordered online via any mobile device, whether payment or fulfillment happened on mobile itself or in person.

Search POI via keyword and location filter

View cash mob details with information related to coupon, matrix of discount on subscribing and other basic options. View date and time for the mob to redeem discounts/coupons

View list of members joined a particular cash mob with their details. Also, use comment system to discuss about a particular cash mob to remain updated and send message to the members involved via comment or member list.

Tablet users have the greater presence among digital buyers. Having a tablet almost guarantees that the person uses it for ecommerce. By 2017, 78% of US tablet users will make purchases via the device. Furthermore, 69.6% of digital buyers in the US will be tablet buyers, while 49.9% will be smartphone buyers.

Simple registration form along with option to login with facebook to register faster.

Create a cash mob by filling a simple form. This is a unique feature which ensures that users cannot create more than one event for a single POI on the same day.

After joining a cash mob, share with everyone on various social media sites or email about it.

Earn rewards by joining cash mobs which can be enchased later. Get points for each cash mob and use them for more discount options. Even earn badges on certain system defined milestones.

Manage profile, rewards, messages, social media connection and other details via the setting section.

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