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About Implant Direct

Implant-Direct is an open source Drupal based website, works seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. The app is created to offer mobile optimized information about the company’s products, intro offers, benefits and features with competitors, complete schedule of courses and events, Patient Education etc. It also includes product details with a PDF viewer displaying catalog information in a very simple and detailed manner.


  • Seamless integration of Drupal and Magento
  • Drupal optimization for performance
  • Country based content display by implementing IP2Location
  • Web display of products with media and rich content
  • Mobile friendly web catalog for mobile users
  • Mobile Application to show corporate profile & product catalog
  • PDF viewer for product content in Mobile App.
  • Dynamic display of Latest Updates on products and catalogs through mobile app

Concept & Market Stats

implant direct

Good news for dental patients! Get to know about exclusive offers and detailed product description with Implant-Direct app.

implant direct
implant direct

Implant-Direct is the No.1 downloaded app with 98% of success rate reported in scientific literature.

implant direct

30 million Americans miss their teeth in one or both of their jaws. Learn how to stop dental problems using the library of videos by Implant-Direct app. ** Source - AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry)

implant direct

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