Hidden Brains Covid-19 Business Continuity Planning

Hidden Brains is focusing on the safety of its employees, communities, as well as ensuring that we meet all service delivery commitments with business continuity plans.

Hidden Brains Business Continuity Planning (BCP) team is monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and taking steps to maintain operational readiness.

Our Business Continuity Team has implemented various measures to ensure and maintain the safety of employees while mitigating any business disruption.

We have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hidden Brains BCP and preventative measures in place as a result of COVID-19.

Our offices are closed amidst lockdown and social distancing to ensure safety of our team. However, our team is working from home. Hidden Brains is fully operational and working from home during Covid-19.

Yes, Hidden Brains Business Continuity Team is dedicated to overcome not just the health crisis like COVID-19 but also ensure employee safety in different scenarios such as lockdown and social distancing.

The team is responsible for taking pre-determined actions to handle different scenarios triggered by public health situations, government advisories, as well guidelines by CDC and WHO.

Our operations team is seamlessly managing services remotely using digital collaboration tools. Additionally, our IT team is ensuring that our team gets support while working from home. We have Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans to ensure the resiliency of our services during Covid-19.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, our BCP team deployed several measures such as temperature screenings, banning non-essential travel, as well as restricting officer visitors. We also provided hygiene products such as hand sanitizers at entry and exit gates of offices.

However, Hidden Brains has closed its offices to abide by Indian government’s 21-day lockdown. Our staff is working from home to ensure seamless business operations and protect clients with critical technology requirements.

We have put forward a ten-step business continuity plan.

Identify Essential Services

Identify and keep critical operations working such vital systems and determine how to protect and recover data.

Identify & Prioritize Critical functions

Systemize and prioritize critical functions to ensure business continuity, as well as pathways to reduce risks.

Identify & Prioritize Critical resources

Assess remote working strategy, including identifying and prioritizing critical resources to work remotely.

Baseline Service Continuity Plan

Adjust people to work remotely using digital tools and ensure business processes are protected.

Prepare Training Material

Work on training materials to help team adapt to new way of working, as well as new procedures

Train People on Service Continuity

Enable training of remote staff through document sharing and videos in virtual conferences.

Prepare Schedule

Company-wide and department-wide schedule for delivery of critical services during disruptions.

Collect Results

Gather data from department heads of different divisions based on full-scale continuity tests.

Analyse Data

Constantly monitor data to ensure rapid scalability and meet the new demands due to remote working.

Improve Service Continuity Plan

Constantly improvise and change continuity plan based on different scenarios and government advisories.

Yes. Hidden Brains is at the forefront of technology innovation. Our IT team has taken several measures to prepare our employees to work from home in a seamless manner. Hidden Brains IT team has network connectivity and configurability with systems and applications, as well as implementing security best practices.

Our Client Relations team is fully operational, as well as POCs are available in case of emergency situations for clients. Any requests can be channeled through existing Account Management or Customer Relationship Manager.

We are regularly communicating with clients offering support and insights to minimize business impact of Covid-19.

Any businesses looking for support with business critical tasks or IT projects during COVID-19 can contact our team at biz@hiddenbrains.in or call at
+1-323-908-3492 (United States)
+44 (0)20-7993-2188 (United Kingdom)
+34 93-802-3010 (Europe)
+91-989-802-1433 (India)

We have a dedicated Business Continuity Plan during Covid-19 Outbreak page on our website offering clients a way to reach our team.

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