A rapid web application framework Adobe ColdFusion is widely used for developing rich internet applications. ColdFusion dramatically reduces the requirement of huge coding coupled with intuitive scripting, flawless connectivity to database and in-built search capabilities. This open source platform simplifies the process of publishing database content on the webpages and offers enhanced functionalities along with connectivity to diverse businesses.

Hidden Brains has in-depth experience of developing scalable, flexible and robust web applications in ColdFusion. Our team of Adobe certified resources creates efficient ColdFusion web applications integrating interesting features. We offer quick resolution to a wide range of ColdFusion Server or Application related issues.

Our Propositions

  • Issue identification and repair
  • Tuning database
  • Consultancy in ColdFusion development
  • Fusion reactor installation
  • Installation of ColdFusion
  • Application performance tuning
  • Application security and vulnerability checks

Why ColdFusion

  • Higher productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Connected technology domains
  • Document management and manipulation
  • Integration with Microsoft technologies

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Business Values

Reaching out to the right people and eventually growing their business with extensive IT services
  • Certified experts
  • Customer Support
  • Flexibility
  • NDA
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Quick on-time delivery

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Dawood Fard

Mr. Dawood Fard - Our flexible, accommodating approach and high caliber project delivery impressed him very much.

Joseph Blogna

Joseph Blogna - Our high quality graphics delivery and smooth gaming experience impressed him the most.

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