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BoonEx Dolphin Web Development

Hidden Brains is the top BoonEx Dolphin CMS development company in India and USA building user-friendly and popular social networking applications. With our great experience and rich know-how in social networking website development, we are aware of the latest trends and innovation in social web application development. Our BoonEx development team offers custom module development services along with the building of next-generation social networking platforms and applications. Our team can produce custom templates and alter the social media network to suit customer specific needs.

BoonEx Dolphin Installations and Configuration

We assist customers in building customized social networking applications to meet their business goals.

  • Social Engine Installation
  • Social Engine MOD Development
  • Social Engine E-Store
  • Social Engine Component Customization
  • Social Engine Troubleshooting
  • Social Engine Maintenance
  • Custom Dolphin Module Development
  • Dolphin Web Development

Key Features

Exclusive features of BoonEx make it the best choice for social network app development.

Explore new strands in social networking

We build

  • ideas

  • websites

  • apps

  • processes

  • relationships

  • strategies

that people

  • use

  • enjoy

  • want

  • connect with

  • trust

  • think about

Why Choose


Building World-class Social Network

Why Hidden Brands Why Hidden Brands Why Hidden Brands
  • Customization Capabilities

    Our BoonEx developers are open to suggestions and customize the social website by modifying each module, block, feature or image.

  • Interactive Social Platforms

    We build social platforms that permeate through the entire community site and allow users to create profiles, share content, repost, comment and react.

  • Compatibility

    We design social websites that are responsive and offer consistent user experience across all mobile devices and operating systems.

  • Security

    Our social applications are protected with security layer using HTMLPurifier filtering, built-in prevention of CSRF attacks and PHPIDS protection.

Client Speaks

We work with bold brands

we believe in.

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