Windows Phone 8 versus Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

When it comes to buy a new Smartphone, the first thing to decide is the operating system. We have so many platforms to choose from, that it becomes really tough to decide on one. These days, Windows Phone 8, and Android Jelly Bean 4.2 are the most popular mobile platforms. Both have their own special features. But which one of them is better? Continue reading, to find out.

Areas where Windows Phone 8 is better:

User Interface

The user interface of windows Phone 8 is very simple, clean and easy to use. It enables easy customization of the home screen with the selected apps. Moreover, the size of the icons on the home screen can also be adjusted.

Longer battery life

Windows devices has always been known to have a good battery life. They have easy to close option, for the apps running in the background of the smartphone, in comparison to the Android counterparts. Furthermore, the Windows devices run on a dual-core processor, instead of a quad-core processors who have to work twice. So, generally, Windows Phone provides enough juice for the battery to last whole day long and sometimes into the next day as well.

Social media integration

Windows Phone 8 has an integrated address book called ‘People Hub’ pre-installed on it. It keeps the user updated with the social networks. All the updates are displayed on the home screen. As the social media integration is already built into the phones, there is no need to download apps like Facebook.

Areas where Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is better:

Language support

The keyboard of a Jelly bean 4.2 device supports more languages than usual, now. The new additions include Hindi, Persian, Arabic, etc.

Google Now

SIRI, a voice assistant feature has been very popular among the iOS users. However, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has introduced Google Now, an app much like SIRI, yet better than it. This app can do the same thing as SIRI along with many other functional capabilities.


Android clearly wins here, as it already has over 600,000 apps, while the Windows Phone has around 125,000 apps with nearly 25,000 being added every few weeks. Microsoft is trying everything hard to increase the app market.

With the introduction of the latest windows mobile platform (Windows Phone 8) developers are moving to Windows phone 8 application development. Furthermore, many existing popular apps are being or ported to Windows Phone now, and that is a great benefit for Windows Phone 8 users.

Both the platforms have been updated with impressive new features and got improvements in already existing ones. Many other changes are also being expected. So, it is difficult to choose one among them. The buyer can opt for one as per his requirements, like those looking for longer battery should go for Windows, and those who want more apps should choose Android.

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